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  1. met_manlucu

    Pressurized High Resolution Day/Night Camera

    Yes Cohu cameras are great. Thanks!
  2. Anybody can suggest? Which camera brands offer good quality and good price as per my requirement below: 1.) 27x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom pressurized day/night speed dome camera, IP 67 enclosure 2.) 2.8-12mm varifocal lens fixed high resoulution day/night cameras 3.) 10-300mm motorized zoom fixed high resolution day/night cameras
  3. Check out MAXxess System Software. www.maxxess-systems.com Their new release software is EndPoint, possible to integrate CCTV, Fire Alarm, Intruder Alarm, HVAC System, etc.
  4. Hi guys.......... I want to know what specs of UPS I have to use. The system will have 14 access doors. Readers (12-16 VDC) will be installed at exit and entry. Each access doors (entry & exit) will be controlled and connected to Control Panel (12VDC). 10 Control PAnel will be connected to RAndom Access Memory (RAMM) (12VDC) and another left 4 will be connected to another RAMM. These RAMMs are connected to the ethernet. The system will be managed and controlled by 2 PC conncted on the ethernet. I hope somebody can suggest me the UPS I have to use. It should have 50% additional load capacity and 30% backup of full load.
  5. I would like to have more info about Video Over IP Recording. How do I compute the amount of storage a camera needs to record? For example, to record cameras 3Mbits, 4CIF for 30 days. There are some information in the CCTV Brochure how much storage the camera needs for a certain specification, but I need to know how they compute it. Another issue is that most of the time, it ends up needing a big storage especially when the customer requires 30 days recording. The bad thing is that recording sometimes become the same price as your CCTV equipments. What is better decentralised recording or centralised recording?
  6. met_manlucu

    Hi...new from here!

    I'm new here, hope to learn more and meet great people.