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  1. What is your Internet upload speed? What resolution and compression? How will you handle overwriting files when the drive fills up? Maybe a service like https://www.camcloud.com/features would be worthwhile if you don't have these answers.
  2. bobgroger

    splicing cables

    I am wondering if it is copper or CCA?
  3. bobgroger

    Hacked DVR--Dahua

    I have a couple of the newer USA model DVRs, X21A1E and X21A3E. There is no inbound external access, access is through VPN only and IP Filtering is enabled to VPN addresses. Passwords are changed except the ones that can't be. All user accounts deleted and admin password reset at least weekly. This HAS to be phoning home by itself. I am going to try an outbound firewall rule blocking all outbound traffic from the DVR IP. This is very frustrating, but at the same time I want to figure out how they are doing it. I have emailed the distributor cctv.net and cybersecurity@dahua.com, seems to be like urinating in the wind. My customers like the SmartPSS software. If there was something as easy to use that works over multiple locations and has actual security I would sure take a look.....
  4. bobgroger

    Dahua firmware

    _P_ is PAL format, _N_ is NTSC
  5. bobgroger

    IP cameras and Dahua Tribrid DVR

    OK, found out a couple things. If you go to the Camera, Channel Type screen and click "Add IP Cam" which would be the intuitive choice, you get ANOTHER 16 channels of IP-only that you can't view on the Web viewer, hence my problem. So after "Remove IP Cam" I am back to 16 channels. But as confirmed in you have to change channels to IP starting at Channel 16 and working backwards, which screws up the display groups I wanted to create. Oh well, I can work around this.
  6. I got the GenIV version of the Dahua Tribrid DVR, and the documentation is pretty much non-existent. This is to replace an old analog system that would be very difficult to rewire. I also got 3 IP cameras to cover the entry locations. I am having a hard time adding the IP cams in a way that I can view them over the web viewer, and control where they are located in the display at the HDMI output. If I add them as I would with a NVR they only will go in positions 17-32, and can't be viewed in the Web viewer. I can add them as Onvif cameras on port 80 and they will show in the last of the 16 channels and caan be seen with the web viewer, but I am concerned they may not be at full resolution. Anyone else tried this, if so what were your experiences? The technology is amazing, but the learning curve is pretty steep...Is there a pointer to better documentation? Thanks, Bob G.
  7. OK, so here is what I have found out. This camera requires a lens with an IR-Cut filter. Kind of explains the poor low light performance. Anyway, most of the eBay sellers don't have a clue what they are selling, or if "IR" means IR pass or IR cut. I finally found a site that seems to have a handle on the difference and has a reasonable price considering how much I have spent researching this. http://www.avcemporium.com/m12-x-0-5-lenses-with-optional-ir-cut-filters-for-1-3-cameras/ I have ordered a few and will report back.
  8. I have noticed there are very few Dahua IPC-HDB3200C listed for sale in the usual online superstores. I contacted the supplier I bought the last batch from and he said he can't get enough for his own installs. Anyone else found this to be true? Maybe a model change coming? Alternately, PM me if you have or are a good supplier with stock... Bob G. IT Pro: Yes CCTV Pro: No
  9. I have a couple Dahua 2MP dome cameras with the 2.8mm lens. The application I have requires a 6 or maybe 8mm lens. I bought some $7 M12 lenses from an ebay seller so I could test which one worked better. While the lenses I got have the appropriate field of view and the focus is sharp, there seems to be some major difference in the optical filtering or IR characteristics. The color with the new lenses is very washed out and everything is green or purple. What could the difference be, and what characteristics, brand, or seller am I looking for to get a decent performing lens. It doesn't have to be $7, but <$25 would be nice. BTW, the original lens has a reflective purple coating on the inner lens, the replacement does not. I looked for IR Cut on the camera and could not find it. Thanks! Bob Groger IT Guy: Yes Surveillance guy: No