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    Has anyone seen this? http://techwinn.com This company allows you to sell their product and all of the installation and support (including a lifetime warranty) to fall back on them. They handle the financing ("Low Monthly Payments") with a 0 down option for customers, and the commission is good. I'm not sure of the quality of the product from the video, seems like a proprietary system. They offer installation payments as well, if you are an installer or are looking for work throughout the country.
  2. TheSecurityPro

    Hr04 on Amazon

    I've actually used one now. They recently released a firmware for this that supports a smartphone app developed for iOS, Android, and Blackberry. I think maybe Windows 8 too? Anyways, It seems to do the trick, will even record @ D1 resolution (Not full 120 FPS though).
  3. TheSecurityPro

    Hr04 on Amazon

    http://www.amazon.com/Tibet-System-Co-Ltd-HR04/dp/B00AJU1JGK Was wondering if this was a good deal? Welcoming any input on price and on the DVR itself. I have 4 BNC cameras for it.
  4. TheSecurityPro

    Please read before posting in this section

    I have a question, if you could respond via PM I would really appreciate it. I have items that I myself possess and am trying to get rid of in moderate quantities. I have created an ecommerce site for this, and would prefer to link people to the ecommerce site for purchasing the items as I basically 'inventory' them. This is completely business unrelated but helps me to keep track of online sales and quantities. I did create a small bit of marketing material for the items. Would it be okay to link people to the site? Again, this is not an online business, just a PERSONAL ecommerce website.
  5. TheSecurityPro

    Tibet Systems HR04 (MagicRadar)

    Does anyone have any input for this DVR? b.u.m.p
  6. TheSecurityPro

    Video Balun RJ45 to BNC + DC

    Thanks for your input GrouchoBoucho, You have been very informative and helpful. I am actually looking for a price range for a pair of these, if at all possible. I understand the availability on the web and different concepts that have been developed. I need a price (retail or wholesale) specifically for this particular adapter, I will be manufacturing the female power version to pair along with the current ones.
  7. TheSecurityPro

    Video Balun RJ45 to BNC + DC

    EDIT:Actually, I am just going to manufacture an equal quantity of female DC plug versions and distribute them in pairs. This seems to be the best solution. Now, would that work? And if so, what is the going rate for a similar pair? It works well on the camera end, but I see what you are saying about the DC plug on the other end, because most transformers use a male DC. However, what if I were to include a Female to Female DC splitter (4 way) so that you could hook 4 cameras up with these dongles and have them all attach back to a single transformer at the DVR end? Or, they could use one of these for each camera:
  8. How much would a dongle/balun like this run for individually? This dongle converts RJ45 (Female) to BNC/DC (Male) and converts backward as well. Much classier and simpler than most baluns you see on the market. This is a custom Balun not found anywhere else on the Internet as far as I can tell (I've seen similar ones). It has no branding on the cable or connectors.
  9. TheSecurityPro

    Mac Compatible DVR

    I've personally installed Dahua's PSS software on many of my client's MAC OSX computers. It does require emulation software to run in the backend, but it works just fine if done correctly (your distributor should provide you with instructions from Dahua). Also, if you need detailed instructions on how to do this, I will be glad to assist you. Also, their Web 3.0 browser extensions do work fine on Mac on most browsers but do require administrative permissions to install.
  10. TheSecurityPro

    Where to find this DVR??

    Suavebeau, If you can provide a high resolution picture of the DVR front and back, I may be able to tell you what this is. Also, be sure to note any model # information that may be on the DVR itself.
  11. TheSecurityPro

    CNB D1750N

    Thank you both for your earnest input. This topic was intended for analytic purposes about this specific product. I am aware of the limitations compared to products in the same price range, and do appreciate the references still.
  12. TheSecurityPro

    Is there a universal CMS software?

    On the R2004NV, have you tried 000000 or leaving the password field empty? That's 6 0's btw.
  13. TheSecurityPro

    Tibet Systems HR04 (MagicRadar)

    Also, I am in need of the latest firmware for this DVR for Tibet System's iSmartViewer (Smart phone software) compatibility. The version for the firmware can be found at the bottom of this page: http://www.ameta.ca/support.php?cid=44&supportcid=34 which indicates that is it in version 20101028 (size:6.87MB) Release Date: 2010/10/28 If anyone has access to ameta.ca dealer section, please let me know as it would be of great benefit to me to have this firmware. Thanks in advance.
  14. http://www.alibaba.com/product-free/217960375/Hr04_DVR_Digital_Video_Recorder.html My question is, how much should this DVR retail for? (250GB HDD included) How much should a used system sell for? Would you buy this DVR if given a great deal?
  15. TheSecurityPro

    CNB D1750N

    http://www.cnbusa.com/en/html/product/product.php?seqx_prod=376 - 1/3" High Sensitive Super HAD CCD - Built-in Fixed Lens (f=3.8mm) - Normal Resolution : 380 TV Lines - Min. Illumination : 0.3 Lux - AWB, AGC, BLC - 85mm Dome Size - 12VDC My question is, what should this camera retail for? How much should it go for used/refurbished? Would you buy this camera at a great rate?