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  1. GhostOfRoom101

    Dowshu 3032 issues

    Just thought id post this for anyone having grief with a dowshu, I went over to BI3 today and have to say those guys sorted me out in a heartbeat, Id rang everyone i know and tried begging all over the place for help with no results, so thank you to both this forum and BI3 for all your help
  2. GhostOfRoom101

    Dowshu 3032 issues

    come on guys/girls i dont want this thing sat on my dining table for Xmas!! Just in case tomcctv is reading this i did try to pm you not realising theres a minimum post requirement on the forums to do so but I do know from a previous post he helped someone else with the simialr situation. Ive tried contacting everyone i can think of to resolve this situation to no avail and its getting dire as the recorder needs to be back in situ about 3 weeks ago!!! i just need someone who can direct me to the password reset code or alternative way to a hardware and software full factory reset or the turkey will end up on top of the recorder thanks
  3. GhostOfRoom101

    Camera IR leds malfunction

    Hi you said you checked the voltage but did you check the current that was available? as leds are current dependant and this is where you maybe losing the supply?? chances are Leds are pulling more juice than the cameras themselves depending on the type and arrangement?
  4. Hello all Im hoping someone can enlighten me on some things about the old dowshu 3032, but my worst problem is that i can not access the master login due to the owners forgetting all bar a couple of passwords pertaining to limited access accounts which obviously are useless. I have several questions for someone conversant with these particular DVRs might help me with but first i have to access the fault logs which obviously i cant do without admin access many thanks
  5. GhostOfRoom101

    URGENT: Dowshu Bond 1008

    If anyone can help me reset an old Dowshu 3000 to clear or bypass the passwords Id like to hear from you, the owner cannot remember any of the original passwords except 2 very limited ones and these will not enable me to view the error logs or repair the system. thanks