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    Door Frame Security

    Although your might be a spammer, I agree. We installed hurricane doors and windows last year. Here is video of a some crooks trying to break in a local condo. They tried kicking it in and shooting it. Sorry about the add at the beginning. http://www.cbs12.com/news/features/raw-news/stories/vid_194.shtml
  2. try a few different things. Like scope said port 587; use full email not username; use same address for sending&receiving.
  3. Aw, your just not 11 years old anymore.
  4. contact your isp and see if they block port 465
  5. 51cent

    New IP Setup

    An IT guy should be having a spare comp around. You could save the nvr cost and use blue iris for those cameras. One time cost of about 50 bucks.It supports a lot of cameras, but is fairly cpu intensive. Unofficial support at cam-it dot org. In fla you might consider lightning protection.
  6. 51cent

    Security camera at front gate

    Hear is a thread that may help you http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=36561
  7. Neither one of them be a network/ip camera. You is at the lower price range of ptz outdoor ip camera @ 600-700 bananas. I think there is a Dahua 3x optical zoom in that range thjough.
  8. Some good advice here from Panasonic in dealing with IE 10. The same procedures should work for IE 11 and your HIK. If not, just go back to using IE 10. http://security.panasonic.com/pss/security/support/technical/ie10info.html
  9. 51cent

    growing cannabis in Washington state...

    You don't need 1,2 or 3mp cameras, unless you actually want to identify those kids grabbing some doobies. Just go for what the standards call for, and save some money. You can store a lot more video with 640x470 than mp video. Look into 940nm IR lighting.
  10. Dr, do you have a link to the firmware. Their sites search function doesn't seem to be working. Got it, thanks Dr3
  11. 51cent

    Lorex wifi camera, wiring to signal booster

    christopher, here is an interesting thread that may or may not help you. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=36561
  12. Lightning, I believe, took out my ESC-720p (purchased in July) about 10 days ago. I emailed them, they replied telling me to send it back. I just received the replacement, no problem. Only cost was my shipping to them.
  13. 51cent

    Video Clean Up Software

    This looks interesting for cleanup software. http://www.motiondsp.com/
  14. rtsp://ip_address:8554/CH001.sdp This might work.
  15. They caught him.... whatever happened to 3 strikes and your out laws? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/02/shawn-custis-nj-home-invasion_n_3530310.html A man charged with attacking a New Jersey mom in her home as her daughter watched said little as he was arraigned Tuesday morning in Superior Court. During Shawn Custis' brief appearance, he heard the charges against him: attempted murder, burglary, and endangering the welfare of a child. Custis was turned in by a girlfriend and other acquaintances who recognized him from the video, reports said. Since the 1990s, he's been convicted 12 times on felony charges, including several burglaries, radio station New Jersey 101.5 said.
  16. The three common ports for smtp are 25, 465 and 587. If 25 isn't working try the other 2.
  17. Blakem, why not use ftp for the online storage? You can basically upload as many times as you want.
  18. Machineman is correct, change sender Caporeira to the email address. If port 25/587 doesn't work try 465. If using an email password I believe you need to tick authentication.
  19. ExacqVision start question Hello, I have the 4 license trial version of ExacqVision start. I am unable to setup motion detection, and the only recording option is continuous. A google search brought me this, http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=25972&start=15 with no result. Exacq tech support hasn't replied in 2 days. The camera is a Panasonic WV-SC385, my system is an old XP home version.
  20. thewireguys, the first time support responded they cut and pasted from the same link you gave, check the model/firmware. The model and firmware(1.61) are supported. For the first few days I could access the camera and video, withe mentioned problems, but it couldn't find the system after that. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't help, even with running ccleaner and its registry tool. Support hasn't responded to my 2nd email yet. update, Milestone Xprotect go working well now for 24 hours.
  21. Thanks again buellwinkle. I plan to have the 2 older panasonics plus the wv-sc385 on the system, plus 1 more camera in the future. I will check out Milestone next.
  22. Thanks for your replies. Exacq support also replied too. I went to try and get it going properly this morning, and the client couldn't find the system. Meanwhile, the camera is still recording continuously, filling up the hard drive, so I had to uninstall exacq. Reinstalling didn't help at all. Can any one recommend a user friendly software for my camera(s)? I also have two old Panasonics, a BL-C131 and a BB-HCM371A. I like Blueiris, but i was hoping to re-purpose this old laptop with a less resource heavy program.