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  1. A couple of years old, but still good: viewtopic.php?t=50158
  2. 51cent

    Issues with night vision - Hikvision

    It COULD be ir light reflection. Search the forums for ir light reflection
  3. 51cent

    CCTV advise

    Does it have to be indoor camera? You can mount an outdoor camera indoors if you like. Dahua makes many cameras with microphone. Do you want wifi cameras? Wired is better, more reliable. Is night vision important? Dahua starlight cameras and Hikvision ultra low-light cameras have very good night vision for the price.
  4. 51cent

    Help with setup

    Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle, I just tried IE and it did work. For the last few months the only one that worked for me was chrome. " title="Applause" />
  5. 51cent

    Help with setup

    To try and answer your first question, try chrome browser with ie tab installed. Or try Pale moon browser. IE and firefox don't work for active x plugins anymore.
  6. 51cent

    Advice for outside PoE cameras and software

    The 2mp camera has a much better lux (low light ) rating. You can compare lux ratings between the same brand of cameras, but not between different brands, there is no real standard. You can google for Dahua starlight video comparisons to see the difference. Both will work with BlueIris. The processor looks very good, but BlueIris is designed to work best with Intel graphics, no need for added graphics. Mounting a camera up to high might hinder facial recognition if a hat is worn.
  7. 51cent

    Advice for outside PoE cameras and software

    chubbey, your guy recommended good cameras. The eyeball/turrets are the better ones, domes often have problems with ir bleed and bullet style have spider web problems. I would look at the 2mp Dahua starlight cameras, excellent night vision and a good bang for your buck. You are aware your pc will need to be on all the time and will be as reliable as Windows itself? I use a dedicated computer with Blue Iris software. If using Blue Iris make sure your computer has the cpu to run those 4 cameras, an old core 2 won't do it.
  8. A wireless camera may have 2 mac addresses, 1 for wired and 1 for wireless. I don't know if yours are wireless though.
  9. Look up your router here and follow directions. https://portforward.com/router.htm Be aware that port forwarding exposes your system to the internet and attack.
  10. 51cent

    newbie to security - POE or Wireless?

    If your worried about tampering like antenna removal, a can of spray paint is even quicker. Wifi cameras are ok with one, maybe two, but you still may have interference/dropouts. After someone gets a camera or two, they often decide they will want to add more. In that case, go with poe.I'm sure others will add to this.
  11. Do a google search for lens calculator to help you decide what lens to use. Tom is right, deer usually jump out at the last minute. I imagine most of your video capture will be quick ones of the car hitting the deer. I took a quick look at sound devices that mount on a car to scare animals, but they don't seem to work to well.
  12. My home system is ip. A google search for "analog vs ip surveillance cameras" will give you plenty of info.
  13. Of those 2 cameras, only one looks like an ultra lowlight model. The ultra lowlights are much better at night, in fact, depending on how much outdoor ambient light you have, you may not need ir with an ultra lowlight.
  14. According to Hikvision's low light ratings (lux) the DS-2CE16F7T-IT isn't near as good as the other two for night vision.
  15. The trouble with wifi is interference, one camera may be fine, but the more you add the bigger the problem becomes. Plus there are so many gadgets that use wifi now, you will have problems. Wifi is a big no-no for security cameras, but may be fine in your case.
  16. 51cent

    Looking for Security Camera suggestions

    Another point, wireless cameras are not a good idea because of interference. If you are not accessing the cameras from outside the network, you will not use your 4g.
  17. 51cent

    CCTV camera questions

    As tom posted, shine a light at the cameras, they may sense it is too dark where you have placed them, so they are switching to night vision (black and white).
  18. Using wireless cameras for security cameras is not good, interference will cause problems. Way too many gadgets use wireless connectivity. And mixing camera brands on a NVR isn't very good either. You may get them to work, but will probably lose some functionality.
  19. To add to jeromephone's reply, you would need to give each camera a different http port. If the port you set was 44000 the external address to access the camera would be Keep in mind that forwarding ports exposes the cameras to the internet so keep the cameras firmware updated.
  20. Another thought is use a glass or uv resistant dome if possible. Plastic domes exposed to the sun/elements will yellow or cloud as they age. An automotive windshield protectant is the only thing I could think of to help it stay clean.
  21. This one should work for you. https://www.annkesecurity.com/wireless-security-camera/i61dr-ip-camera-hd-1080p-high-definition-video-resolution-fast-and-easy-poe-two-way-audio.html It is a rebranded Hikvision and can be used with Hikvision tools like SADP.
  22. Milestone has a free version of its software. The question is why this is happening. I wonder if DHCP could be changing the ip addresses?
  23. It doesn't work when you turn the wifi off on the phone? So it only works on the lan? Will it work from another device outside the lan like a computer?
  24. OK, where is the blonde? Have you forwarded the correct ports on the router? If not, look here for your router. https://portforward.com/router.htm
  25. 51cent

    Night mode ccrv issue

    Pic 2 looks like it COULD be ir reflection. A cut and paste of the causes. 1 The camera is deployed directly underneath a surface and at an angle with which the IR is reflected back onto the camera lens. 2 Dust or dirt on the dome. 3 Camera is deployed behind a glass window. 4 Condensation within the dome or on the outside. 5 The lens gasket not being sealed against the dome optic.