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  1. LittleScoobyMaster

    New Geovision Camera Vulnerability

    Holy Moly! https://ipvm.com/reports/geovision-15 Behind a paywall but some people may have access. Time to patch those cameras.
  2. LittleScoobyMaster

    Geovision GPU Decoding

    Yeah, GV-VMS is free for Geo cameras. If you only have Geo cams, it's the best solution hands down. I only use non-Geo cameras and for that you have to purchase the GV-VMS 3rd Party camera licenses and that is where the problem lies because of the way Geo handles the upgrades from GV-NVR to GV-VMS for 3rd Party Cameras. I used to own Geo hardware (GV-650 capture card) so I started using Geo software. Then I migrated to GV-NVR for IP cameras.
  3. LittleScoobyMaster

    Geovision GPU Decoding

    Nice video. It mentions in the video for maximum performance you'll want to use both Intel and Nvidia GPU's. Noticed some of the settings they are using VBR instead of CBR. Still seems overly optimistic for what you get in the real world however. You can always use more GPU power for these streams. A single 4K stream can sometimes bring a system to its knees if it's not new and powerful enough. Then when you add multiple monitors and especially multiple 4k monitors viewing multiple 4k streams, you really start to see things bogging down. Currently I have to use both Intel and Nvidia GPU's. Before I switched from GV-VMS 15 to Xprotect 2016 r2, I was seeing some high CPU and GPU with GV-VMS. I did not notice the large differences in GPU decoding that they say can be expected. I was getting pretty much the same consistent cpu and gpu utilization from both VMS's. But with Geo, it was hard to determine the actual framerates because as far as I know they can only be displayed on the web client. With Xprotect there is a realtime option to display fps of each stream on the main system. Good to see Geovision is still trying to compete. They actually beat Xprotect with Nvidia GPU decoding which was nice. Still waiting for Xprotect to add it to their product, but for all other aspects, Xprotect is miles ahead of Geo unfortunately. I used Geovision for 15 years but due to the recent debacle in the way they handled upgrades of GV-NVR to GV-VMS, I finally decided to move away from Geo and move over to Milestone. Much more flexibility with the Xprotect products.
  4. LittleScoobyMaster

    Geovision GPU Decoding

    In my experience this depends on the software you use quite a bit. I know with my particular system where I constantly monitor Nvidia GPU and Intel GPU loads with GPU meters, I would easily see a gain with Nvidia cards doing more of the work. With Milestone Xprotect and only 6 cams at 30 fps all 1080 or less streams, the Intel GPU averages 50% load while the display monitor averages 10% of the current Nvidia GPU (rendering only) and that's only on a 1080p TV set. If I were to double that number of cams, my Intel GPU (HD 530 on an Intel I7-6700k) would be close to 100%. It's not good to always run processors at maximum load. Now, if I were to upgrade any of these to 4K cameras at 3840x2160 resolutions, that could really take another bite out of this setup.
  5. LittleScoobyMaster

    Best Free Software?

    The best free software is going to be Xprotect Go by Milestone. It's free but you are limited to 5 days worth of recordings. You can save recording longer than that but the normal archive is 5 days. If you don't mind exporting the important captured events, then you should be good. https://www.milestonesys.com/our-products/video-management-software/xprotect-go/
  6. I don't think this question was ever answered. I am wondering the same exact thing. If I purchase Xprotect Essential 2016 now, will I need to re-purchase new licenses for it in 1 or 2 years down the road? If so, that could get costly for a home user very quickly. I'm hoping the Windows 7 pricing model would apply here. If you bought Win7 when it was new, it was good for a long 5 to 6 years easily without paying in every couple years. I mean seriously, a 2.1 release. What the hell? Did that release cost extra money or was it more like the Win 8.0 to 8.1 release that was free? I *really* want to switch off of Geovision GV-NVR but don't want to run into another licensing cluster**** like Geo has with the non-existent upgrade pricing plan to go from GV-NVR to GV-VMS (basically there is no plan, you just have to re-purchase VMS and sell your NVR dongles on E-bay or Craigslist even though VMS is technically only a .5 point release upgrade - they added custom camera layouts which GV-NVR should of had 10 years ago and refreshed the GUI). Geovision is killing me softly. There is even a song about it.
  7. Curious what most people are paying for this upgrade? thanks
  8. LittleScoobyMaster

    ColecoVision or Geovision?

    I sometimes wonder if a ColecoVision might work better than a Geovision...
  9. LittleScoobyMaster

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    All their NVR's run embedded linux, which is what I have but havent installed in my home yet... My question was, does the new VMS software run on Linux or if anyone had any experience with it. A Linux version isn't available on their website, at least not in the regular download area: http://www.geovision.com.tw/english/5_8.asp
  10. Curious if anyone purchased this Dahua IPC-HF81200E and how it performs in general and also in low light with external IR added to the scene. Also curious what kinds of issues would be caused if this camera were used with the suggested $7.00 (2.8 - 12mm (OEM) lens from CCTV-Mall? http://www.cctv-mall.com/dahua-ipc-hf81200e-dahua-ipc-hf81200e-12-megapixel-4k-ip-box-camera-dahua-ipc-hf81200e-12mp-ultra-hd-network-camera
  11. If Hikvision allowed their iVMS to work with 3rd party cameras, it would be pretty cool. They would really take over the VMS market, just like their cameras have.
  12. LittleScoobyMaster

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    Curious if your GV-NVR dongle is still working for GV-VMS?
  13. LittleScoobyMaster

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    I haven't either. I think the Geo Nas devices run linux but I thought that was just because it's like a linux NAS app of some kind, I don't know if GV-NVR is running on Linux or just the storage software application. I haven't seen a location to d/l the linux version anyway. http://www.worldeyecam.com/gv-nas2008-2hdd-bay-linux-based-network-attached-storage-device.html?gclid=CKK58P2_9s0CFZSIaQodhi8Piw
  14. LittleScoobyMaster

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    Did you upgrade your GV-NVR dongle to GV-VMS? If so, curious how much it cost, unless it was for GV-IP devices only.
  15. LittleScoobyMaster

    GV-NVR & GV-Edge - Data Capature V3E POS Text Overlay

    I still haven't understood the need for GV-Edge. Is it the upgrade to Geo's DMMultiview \ Remote Viewlog solution? Have you tried DMMultiview \ Remote Viewlog for remote viewing of live and recorded streams? I use it and have gotten used to it. It's a bit clunky but has worked ok over the years. I don't use it for POS however, so I don't know if it would strip the POS data or not. Also. GV-VMS is the new version of GV-NVR. GV-NVR has reached end of new features and is being phased out by GV-VMS. If GV-NVR doesn't work for the issue you are trying to resolve, you may want to give it a shot with GV-VMS since it is Geo's newer version, and even if you submit a software enhancement request for GV-NVR, they will most likely only apply it to GV-VMS. I tried to have a software enhancement added to GV-NVR recently and they told me they are no longer taking requests for it. Only for GV-VMS going forward. GV-VMS demos are available on the Geo website and used to work for 60 days free. Think they still do. If you do get a quote for the upgrade conversion of your GV-NVR dongle to GV-VMS, post the price here. I have seen the cost for GV-NVR to GV-VMS run anywhere from $7.5 per 3rd party camera up to $70 depending on the vendor. I think what happened is that Geo never posted a cost and so vendors are just charging anything they want for the upgrade which should really be free or very close to free. $7.5 per cam is a reasonable amount, but the higher end is insane pricing, especially because in some cases they are charging more for the upgrade than it costs to just by GV-VMS alone.