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  1. Ronniezrzr

    I for got my password

    delete the camera and reset?
  2. https://www.precisionsecurity.com.au/list-of-cctv-security-camera-brands Any brand you are really willing to suggest?
  3. A sensible camera which acts as a deterrent? You mean it should have a motion detection sensor and alarm function?
  4. Ronniezrzr

    Home Security

    Got it. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for your advice. I barely know security camera. I just googled some brands and contacted these companies.
  6. Ronniezrzr

    Home Security

    I'm not really sure. As I know, the wifi wireless IP camera loses connection sometimes. Security camera system with DVR would be more stable.
  7. OK, before I have two little cats, I have never imagined being here to discuss what security system is perfect for my house. I was looking for a wifi IP camera first. I followed firepower and messaged him. That's a surprise that he replied me and give me some suggestions. Thank him so much. Then, I googled some brands and security cam solutions. I was looking for wifi IP camera because it's easy to setup and seems enough for me, just monitor two cats in the living room. Finally I decided to monitor the whole house for a better security solution. Wifi IP camera is not good for outdoors' monitor. It loses connection sometimes. You know I still wanna it to be simple to setup. I don't wanna spend too much money on it. I prefer DIY. I contacted several brands' support asking for advice. Only got one response. They offered one Poe security cam system with 8 cameras. But I think it's a little bit expensive to me even though I think the product is good. I was thinking how about just 4 cameras for this system. Poe cable is perfect. I don't need to ask for a professional team to install it. But how about 2 wifi IP cameras and 1 wired poe camera for indoors and other 3 wired poe camera for outdoors?
  8. Ronniezrzr

    Home Security

    Hi, cameras with DVR would be in more stable connection. IP cameras lose connection sometimes. But IP camera would be good working in the house, not really good for working outdoors.
  9. Hi Everyone. I rescued two stray cats. For a better care of them, I wanna install a monitor cam in the living home, only living room. I found some on amazon. But so confused by so many choices and prices. Anyone can help me with that? Thank you.