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    Generic DVR password reset

    anyone know what this model is.. ? trying to reset for a friend they have forgot the admin password and the current user password.. cant get any temporary password to work.. tried a few found online and todays temp date password generator I found online.. nothing ?? thanks.
  2. i think have the lowest selling NVR from dahua.. so hard to find updates for this model Any help with a update for the NVR7408-8P
  3. My time on 3 cameras on my NVR is off by about 2/3minutes each.. have tried everything to try solve this and cant figure out why it happening. Driving me crazy. Any ideas to check have tried setting NTP nothing.. works. edit: OK now I am not sure what i have done but i have stuffed it more.. each time i try sync or manually update via SmartPSS or by the NVR it doesn't update the cams... they are now about 1 hour off and it wont change at all what ever i do? The NVR says the correct time but the time showing on the time stamp in the live feeds shows something else.. all 3 cams show different times stamps
  4. any other software we can use that works with dahua NVR's?
  5. What's the problem issue? Having some issues detecting some cameras, also no sound detection on my NVR7408 Also, anyone have a PAL update for HDW4300C v2? Trying the General_IPC-HX5(4)XXX_Eng_P_Stream3_V2.420.0005.0.R.20141205 version gives a send update data error for some reason then reboots the NVR.
  6. anyone able to help with a latest update for Model:NVR7408
  7. Has anyone been able to get a wireless dongle to work on the NVR's? What chipsets or wireless dongle work on the dahua NVR's? As i cant get anything detected in the menu to enable its configuration.. tried a dlink and a netgear G dongle and some cheapo ebay one. Will need to check my other dongles.. but the one i have here and at the moment is a Chipset: Realtek 8192CU And wont get detected.
  8. anyone here have a NVR7408-8P? just received one a few days ago and running General_NVR7xxx_Eng_P_V3.200.0000.1.R.20131230.bin
  9. Looking at possibly selling this camera: HDBW3202 with 3~9mm varifocal motorized lens http://www.dahuasecurity.in/products/ipc-hdbw32003202-220.html By the way im located in AU but will ship overseas. Wondering what i can get for it.. about 1 year old and cost me $350+ so hit me with some offers so i can decide to keep or sell it.
  10. some version info on the v2.12 Some nice MD features! pdf: http://strat.net/dahua/IPC-Hx3(2)XX%20V2.212%20baseline%20feature.pdf Not sure what file has been seen on here but latest i will be testing is "General_IPC-HX3(2)XXX_Eng_P_V2.212.0001.0.R.20131224"
  11. Let try keep this updated with firmware currently circulating for the NVR 3xxx series only. Saves us searching multiple threads/post. The most current one i have is dated "20130718" previously before this was 20130525 I have tested it on my NVR3216-P and it works fine.. haven't noticed any changes... I wish they come with changelogs or something listing its fixes etc. Anyone after a copy you can find it here: 20130718.rar Proof its working on my NVR3216-P below
  12. General_NVR3xxx_Eng_P_V2.616.0000.0.R.20140110
  13. anyone else tried yet? General_IPC-HX3(2)XXX_Eng_P_V2.212.0000.0.R.20131206.bin ??
  14. that's the latest i have but haven't installed yet.. anything different?
  15. anyone using microphone's with these HDBW3300 ?
  16. And can I use it for an NVR3208P ? Not sure on the NVR3216V-P but yes on the NVR3208P
  17. Have the above setup now for a good 2 months but cannot for the life of me get motion detect working correctly. NVR is : http://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/nvr320432083216-p-190.html And IP camera is: http://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/ipc-hdbw32003202-220.html I did once read a issue with Dahua having motion detect issues with a network camera.. cant find that post again... Is this a common issue or any tips why? It normally only works between a certain time... i think around 5pm to 9pm no other time no matter what settings you have on the NVR.
  18. thanks i didn't have the readme file only the x.bin i guess it supports HDBW3202 since it the first one in that list above.
  19. Yes that is what was happening.. during a specific time no matter what i would do.. it would not activate motion detect. Yes it was camera related and always thought it was.. which the latest firmware fixed. Was thinking of moving NVR to qsee firmware to save myself bugging the reseller if i ever need it again. but as they .. if it's working now don't touch it??
  20. would it be safe if i moved to qsee firmware from dahua firmware on my NVR3216-P NVR? I guess this is the same unit in QSEE range --> QC816 ?
  21. Do you think its safe to try General_IPC-HX3(2)XXX_Eng_P_V2.210.0001.0.R.20130517.bin on a HDBW3202
  22. any one tried and got it working OK with a 2.8mm lens on the Dahua HFW2100?
  23. I have purchased from K&D and was hard to get a initial support request.. 2 or 3 emails but was handled well after that with quick replies.. received a fixed firmware update for one of my cameras. This was for a dahua dome... would use them again.
  24. If anyone is after this .. can help you out. NVR3xxx_Eng_P_V2.610.0000.5.R.20130525.bin
  25. Just upload it so anyone looking to update a dahua NVR can experiment with other versions. The version i have loaded is dated May 25th so was after a older version to run some test on this NVR. Something that might not work for you might work for others. With my testing and this NVR the MD false alarms was due to the camera not the NVR.. once i update the camera's firmware the NVR worked fine with MD.