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  1. i have a lilan PIH-7000NL ptz camera that i am trying to hookup a keyboard joystick controller to. the joystick is a basic cheap one off ebay is there any way this will work i cant find what protocol to use im just a hobbyist trying to set this up at home and hope i didnt waste my money on something that requires a special controller thank you for any help or advice
  2. I have hooked up 2 different controllers to my hd6i cameras and have had the same results. when i press a button the came tilts all the way to its stopping point an d then clicks the only way i know to stop it is turn off the power. The first controller was a cheapy from china the remote control type the only reason i was using it i was wanting to test the cameras before investing in a controller I have 5 hd6i's that i purchased at auction.The second controller was a honeywell hegs5blx which did the same thing I believe i got the dip switches correct each time according to the manual the chinese cheapy is a pelco d protocal I have tried it on multiple cameras with same effect. the wires are ran controller 485 b/- & 485 a/+ to power supply box's data in connection then out from supply box's data out connections to data rx+ & rx- I hope that is explained right. does the controller have to be ran thru power supply box? thank you for any help in this matter
  3. timaj

    extra gear

    i guess i cant send pm's yet I would like to know model of controller and price shipped to 85120 and paypal ok and pics ? of board cameras and price ? thank you
  4. timaj

    extra gear

    please contact me about your ptz controller and board cameras pm sent
  5. can someone suggest the simplest controller for the hd6i I am only using one camera no dvr right now. It is for personal use on my property I have 5 of these cameras I purchased at auction and recently bought a used honeywell HEGS5blx that had a 232 to 485 convertor. which I believe is a little more complex than i need. I thought i was getting a hegs55000 which looked simpler to hookup. I am trying to do this on a low budget thanks
  6. timaj


    just a newbie from arizona trying to set up his own system with out of date equipment