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  1. GSS

    To design system for Bird Watching

    500 bucks is not realistic. Plus I would say more then one camera would be a more efficent way to tackle that. I would do 4 cams from different angles.
  2. GSS

    people counting software/system

    I have used it on the geovision cards before seems to work ok. never had a problem.
  3. GSS

    Hydraulic/telescoping/lowering poles

    lol ladders never fail
  4. GSS

    Swann DVR4-Net Plus Any good?

    DIY= headaches..... Get what you pay for......would you try to give yourself a heart transplant?
  5. GSS

    Sony SSCDC374 Camera. Any good ?

    The sony line is very nice in general. If you have the extra cash I would buy the SSCE473. Great day/night cam.
  6. GSS

    CCTV association!

    I can't believe that more people dont have a voice on this matter. Maybe thats why things are the way they are.
  7. GSS

    ISC EAST SHOW 2006

    We will be there. Super excited. Like kids in a toy store
  8. GE is really coming out with some great solutions.
  9. GSS

    CCTV association!

    It's so true. We are our own industry and we get stuck under the umbrella of the alarm companies. I stress to all my customers that I'm not an alarm company and i only specialize in CCTV. We should start some sort of group.
  10. GSS

    Mobile DVR Systems

    Anyone have any opinions or recomendations on Mobile DVRs.
  11. GSS

    night club camera installation

    Lol I'm well aware. Any good day/night cam is going to switch to b/w anyway in a low light situation. So I dont see what you guys are talking about.
  12. GSS

    night club camera installation

    Well I guess everyone has their preferences. I have never had a problem with a day/night cam and from my expierences they preform great.
  13. GSS

    night club camera installation

    I think having crisp color images is very important so I tend to not use b/w. The model you posted really is not suitable for a nightclub in my opinion. It only has 380 tv line of resolution which will not look very crip. Plus utilizing A IR cut filter really helps the image in night mode tremendously. I'm a strong believer in quailty over quantity. I have turned away work because customers dont want to spend the money to get what they need and I wont put my name on half ass work. In an office application or somthing low risk not alot of motion the model you posted would be ok but for a nightclub you have low light conditions with lots of movement. I think its a no brainer.
  14. GSS

    night club camera installation

    I wouldnt worry about what the customer thinks about the cameras. I have done quite a few bar/nightclubs and I have had many of the owners say that there is an increase in buisness after word gets out a system was installed. People feel safer. You have lots of different options as far as cameras. On midrange budgets I have used the Nuvico NVCC-HW3895IR36N-D. It's a pretty decent camera for the price. Make sure you use a good dvr or capture card. I always use 30fps on each channel for applications like that because there is alot of motion.