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  1. pigstar

    ISC EAST SHOW 2006

    Nobody will go to the ISC EAST SHOW 2006 ?
  2. pigstar

    HI ALL!

  3. Hey Guys, We will attend the ISC EAST SHOW 2006 in NY. Anybody will attend this show please PM me or Email me trade22@aee.com We are a profession wireless security products manufacturer, and you can see our products at www.aee.com the authorized ID of the site is: eric password: 123456
  4. pigstar

    CCTV association!

    Thank you very much . oldtimer
  5. pigstar

    What not to do in a robbery

    Have you guys been to Guangzhou once, it's a mass, rob happens everywhere, the girls are afraid to take a bag or even answer a call on the steet. It's horrible. But they have no gun,
  6. pigstar

    Dealer forum?

    If I post more than 25, then I can enter the dealer's forum, right?
  7. Hey, I want to know some CCTV associations in America , do you have some good one? Best with website. Tks Eric
  8. The demo is not on the website, the id and password is only for the website, because the camera was installed on the hall of our factory reception, so I do not want to public the link, so if you really interested in the ip camera, please contact me , I will send the demo link to u. eric377@gmail.com tks
  9. you guys can take a look of this IP camera at www.aee.com user ID: eric password: 123456 eric
  10. Hey , I am a new hand in this industry. we release a new IP model recently, the outlook is very nice, we installed it on the hall of our company, we develop the software by ourself, do you have interets to test for me, because I want to know its performance from worldwide. In my computer the frame rate can reach 30fps @VGA, but one of my Mexico customer only got 1fps. If anybody have interes please email me at eric377@gmail.com or talk to me at MSN : aeetech@hotmail.com Tks
  11. pigstar

    Hello All

    The style of ur site http://www.globalsecuritysolutionsonline.com is so cool. I like the style and color.
  12. pigstar

    Hi from Melbourne

    Welcome My Friend!
  13. pigstar

    Eric comes!

    Hi !! I am EricZhu from AEE TECHNOLOGY. www.aee.com We manufacture professional wireless surveillance, power line surveillance and network surveillance products based in Shenzhen,China. I am very exciting to be here making friends with everyone. please feel free to contact me. eric377@gmail.com MSN:aeetech@gotmail.com AIM: wirelesscam
  14. pigstar

    Hello All

    Hi Gary, I found many useful information in your website, http://www.global-security-solutions.com. Welcome to the Forum! I have the same feeling with you, I also wish I can found this forum sooner. Anyway, we found it now, so let's enjoy it.