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  1. Ct-DVR.com

    Dahua X24A5L Pro DVR

    I'm an Electrical / CCTV Contractor in Ct. , I do small business to Big box wholesale / retail stores , I used to build PC based Alnet Security systems, Been using Dahua for about 4 years and they work great ! I used a 32ch X model in a hotel where they had 8 Analog channels, we installed 8 New HDCVI runs , and later they had a company do the cabling for 10 New IP runs up 6 floors of the building , we installed 10 power zoom 4mp Dahua cams . The unit works flawless on all three streams , only thing is when playing back 4 megapixel IP streams you have to play one stream at a time or it will display a black screen and say over decode ability. We installed a spot monitor at front desk , works fine except IP cameras do not display on the spot monitor , that was my only complaint , for the price well worth the money . We use HDCVI all the time they are the most reliable cameras have ever used and low cost $30 for Amcrest 2mp CVI or Quadbrid image sensor Sony 323 has switch ( analog , AHD , CVI, TVI mode ) great cameras metal body , clear picture , the new 4mp even better.
  2. Ct-DVR.com

    RS485 vs UTC

    I been installing TVI , CVI , analog cameras, maybe this will help , I wanted to use a rs485 joystick kbd1000 connected to nvr / DVR , ch 1 is a CVI power zoom, ch 2 and 5 are IP ptz , connected by wire to dvr No go , wouldn't do anything, I finally got it to work by plugging the keyboard / joystick into the network , setup network info, setup zone for DVR address , password, and enter ch then ptz button was able to control the ch independent of one another. I did this test cause customer has old GE calatel and have to install 4 new TVI ptz models , so if they keep a few GE , should be able to control others by network via DVR / jostick plugged into same switch , it works on my Dahua nvr have to see this week if it will work on their crappy dvr's ....
  3. Ct-DVR.com

    DDNS Issue Remote viewing

    when you register at no-ip , you need to register the the external Ip address of your system , not 192.168 etc, go to google , type what is my Ip , click the first site and thats the address your register, then you have to forward the correct ports for your cameras to the address of the camera, so if your cam is , and port is 8000 , you have to go into your router and forward 8000 to , then go to no-ip and see if it asks for a port number , so you put in a port number and external address, once thats done and the port is open should work fine.