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Dahua X24A5L Pro DVR

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32-channel Penta-brid HDCVI DVR





Has anyone used one of these or another one in the Pro line?


How is the sofware?

Mobile client?

Does it have to have ports punched through the firewall to view remotely?

I have a customer this may be a good fit.



Hi. Not bought one yet but have had a demo for two days .......we only ran 4 cvi cameras on it to test and is impressive...... But I think I found 1 or 2 limitation problems


I will say it's the best unit to come out in the past 10 years .... All the technology has been brought together in one unit.


And it's not all dahua .... Some big companies are behind its development ..... Avigilons licence to use some of there technology....also flir has had a big input.


Software....... Lots of new which is back compatable------ DSS ....IVS ....... And the updated mobile apps.


Security ....... They say have worked a lot on ......not had time to check .... But I was told to understand that any attack can be detected and stopped......something about a management key in the form of a dongle.


But impressed with what I seen and also looked at videos on the new DSS vms also intergrates with brand name door entry systems and alarm system.



Two problems I think will be a problem ........ Cvi cameras are done at camera end just like IP so saves on cpu....... Tvi is done at dvr end so if loaded full with tvi there might be a problem.


Some of the IVS functions might also be lost if using IP and cvi together.

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I'm looking for a good commercial Retail solution with a Mixture of analog and TVI.

Camera count is above 16 so that really limits the choices without doing 2 DVRs which adds to confusion for the end user.


I'm just not happy with Hikvision or any of the OEMs they do. Their software sucks and investigation is clumsy at best.


I'm open to suggestions.

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I'm an Electrical / CCTV Contractor in Ct. , I do small business to Big box wholesale / retail stores , I used to build PC based Alnet Security systems, Been using Dahua for about 4 years and they work great ! I used a 32ch X model in a hotel where they had 8 Analog channels, we installed 8 New HDCVI runs , and later they had a company do the cabling for 10 New IP runs up 6 floors of the building , we installed 10 power zoom 4mp Dahua cams . The unit works flawless on all three streams , only thing is when playing back 4 megapixel IP streams you have to play one stream at a time or it will display a black screen and say over decode ability. We installed a spot monitor at front desk , works fine except IP cameras do not display on the spot monitor , that was my only complaint , for the price well worth the money .

We use HDCVI all the time they are the most reliable cameras have ever used and low cost $30 for Amcrest 2mp CVI or Quadbrid image sensor Sony 323 has switch ( analog , AHD , CVI, TVI  mode ) great cameras metal body , clear picture , the new 4mp even better.

4mp CVI.jpg

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