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  1. mfuzzy

    Honeywell PTZ and controller

    analog PTZ 18x color camera and joystick controller...$700
  2. GE TTP11VT twisted pair balun. Have about 20 or so. All new and in original sealed package, asking $5 each plus shipping (analog over twisted pair) GE S714DT-EST1 ethernet to single fiber transmitter. Multimode with ST connector. New, never used, asking $400 plus shipping (for long haul IP solutions) GE S714DR-EST1 single fiber to ethernet receiver. Multimode with ST connector. New, never used, asking $400 plus shipping (for long haul IP solutions) Buy a pair, 1 Tx and 1 Rx for $700 plus shipping
  3. mfuzzy

    Ademco Quad Processor

    I have an ademco AQC30E color quad processor used in very good condition Asking $30 plus shipping
  4. Video Insight 32 port capture card with 16 channel audio. All complete with their most recent analog software and license. $450 plus shipping or make offer
  5. mfuzzy

    Pelco Controllers

    $100 for each kbd300 $125 for each cm6700 plus actual shipping to where ever you are
  6. axis M series cameras are competitively priced and have quality images. acti have low budget cameras, but the quality isn't quite as good. UDP encoders perform quite well using an nvr, you can put the server wherever and access your system over your network. the VMS software that you choose to run will take care of recording onto the server. most will give you ptz control through the viewer (web based or client) as part of the GUI. a joystick can be attached to a client station. controlling the dvr really doesn't apply to the IP nvr's. putting the viewer on your tv is the catch, it is a little more complicated with IP unless your tv is a network tv with browser capabilities. you will be able to view and control cameras from any pc or smartphone, with most VMS.
  7. what you could do is use encoders for the analog, making them IP as well and then just run a full IP system. this way, you could continue to add IP or analog to the system as you wish. a lot of IP PTZ cameras can be controlled with a USB joystick (gaming joystick) through whatever VMS software you chose as a side note, there are some pretty price competitive standard res and 1 mp IP cameras on the market that might make you want to consider just going with all IP and saving the cost of encoders or analog dvr.
  8. If you are viewing the analog over the internet it is definitely being encoded and the resolution is probably a lot smaller. Are the IP cameras megapixel? What software are you using? and how are viewing (client or web app)? the web app will use the lowest bandwidth. and depending on cameras and software, you can set record fps high and live stream fps lower. With a lot of cameras you set live stream profiles that allow you to set resolution, stream type and bit rate, but that would be accessing the cameras web page and would require a NAT'ed IP per camera or port forwarding set for each camera
  9. mfuzzy

    Pelco Power Supply

    Have new in box Pelco MCS16-20B power supply PM me with offer
  10. mfuzzy

    Pelco Controllers

    Have 2 each, used, no damage, working flawless when pulled from systems. Went IP, no longer needed. Pelco CM6700-MXB2 Pelco KBD300 PM me with offer, will sell pieces
  11. mfuzzy

    Honeywell PTZ and controller

    Have new in box Honeywell Rapid Dome AD5GCFC18 PTZ and HJZPT joystick controller PM me with offer
  12. depending on the power requirement for your ptz, prob at least 12vdc, i would say not a good idea. you will be using the blue and brown pairs along side of the signal and video pairs of the camera, we all know that power parallelled with data can cause strange things. now if your ptz accepts PoE, then you are in good shape, but it prob doesn't. (difference of the switch supplying voltage and creating a custom consolidation point to interject the plug in transformer) if you are not using heat/fan, then you can power the ptz local to the placement of it, saving some cabling.
  13. mfuzzy

    Problems with octupus cable

    you can use a db-9 straight thru cable (female to male) to extend the location where you actually terminate the cable. i feel that some of the vid loss is caused by the strain of the cable bundle pulling on the back of the card. if you extend it, you can properly dress and support the cables away from the PC. you now only have one cable from each card port going to a jb or patch panel. a lot neater and less clustered. ever jiggle the bundle of cable and the vid came back? i found those nagging occasional vid losses went away.
  14. pelco has a circuit breaker model if fuses are too much a hassle. http://www.pelco.com/products/default.aspx?id=216
  15. tech support ended up being great. solved the issue which was in the image resolution and compression settings in software that somehow takes control of the camera's output streams. who knew, apparently it does this with the axis cams only. now we all know this fix. with lower resolution and less copression, image is still the same quality, 29 cams capturing ave 20 frames and cpu is down to about 30% that's 2 - 32 ports each with 29 cams on gig network all fiber backboned on campus environment now working great. liking the VI line thanks for the support