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  1. jbruckner

    How to use analog PTZ camera with a HD-SDI DVR?

    In our case IP is not a possibility.
  2. jbruckner

    How to use analog PTZ camera with a HD-SDI DVR?

    It could be a solution, but our supplier can not provide 16channel hybrid model. We have only one analog ptz and all the remaining 25-30 cameras will be HD-sdi. Some kind of converter does not really exist? btw, thanks for your help Janos
  3. jbruckner

    Newbie neeeding advice with system design

    Hi frog22, I suggest you to not try build CCTV system without basic knowledge, leave it to professionals. Search for the right company in your area. Cheers, Janos
  4. Hi there, Does anyone have experience how to use an analog PTZ (pelco d protocol, rs485, cat5 for ptz control + rg59 for video) camera with HD-SDI DVR? We are going to upgrade an analog system to HD-SDI. But we have an expensive PTZ camera in the current installation and we want to keep that one. The DVR does not have any analog input for connecting analog video and beside that we should control the analog ptz from the same platform. Any idea? " title="Applause" /> Have a nice day, Janos