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Newbie neeeding advice with system design

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First thanks in advance for any help you can provide

Im a new member today and new to CCTV


A few months ago I purchased at a yard sale 2 Hitachi VK-C77U cameras and 2 Sanyo VCB - 3374 Cameras. Both are zoom capable - one to 12x I believe

they look new in box and Im guessing that work - Look like left overs from a system iinstall.


I want to put in a security camera set up for my home and one at a barn in the country. I know I need good cameras but I was thinking I needed fixed power with wide angle.


I have no other equipment but these cameras.

I have read enough on this site to know that I need at least a 500Gig or better dvr, cable, power supply, etc


My question is, should I try to build a system around these cameras or should I put these on ebay and just buy a turn key system.

If the answer is build a system, could you please suggest to me the right pieces I need , and where the best place is to get those pieces.



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Hi frog22,


I suggest you to not try build CCTV system without basic knowledge, leave it to professionals.

Search for the right company in your area.




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With what you have, you can go two ways.


You can keep those cameras, get a proper DVR and install it. (Installing them is not very hard, jut slightly physically demanding)


You can sell those cameras and get a full new system.




My suggestion is to go and sell what you have and get an affordable system, you may have no idea how well those cameras were stored and maintained as well as you may not have much operational time remaining on them.

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I appreciate the feedback and Im sorry it took me this long to get back - I have seen some people talking about the self contained Costco set ups - 2-4-8 camera systems

I dont remember which to stay away from,.

Is that a good a place as any to buy a system


Any idea what the cameras are worth - -if new in box?

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