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  1. Dontheo

    NVR or NAS

    Foe recording, viewing and functions it is really a preference on you applications if you use an NVR or other software running on a pc. A lot of NVR's Re Linux based but it all comes down to hard disk storage. NVR'S and servers can be linked together so it will come down to the software. Some require licensing per camera too. A NAS is just networked attached storage for increased storage and recovering data. A SAN or storage area network provides the same as a NAS except they are networked and can store 100 of TB 's and has greater flexibility for access. Mainly though, they provide redundancy. NVR'S are easy becase you only need to specify the storage. They will come properly configured for optimization. Half the pc's I see running software for IP cameras were optimized for the seller starting with a poor graphics card and too little storage. The camera has its own processor. One could write a book just on this. lol
  2. Dontheo

    regarding knowledge in cctv

    I don't get the question. You are already working in the field but part time? As an employer I am not as interested in experience as I am capability, dedication and professionalism. I can train anyone if they are capable and I don't hire anyone's bad habits. Pluses Neatness, job longevity (not 10 one year jobs), education, military
  3. It really depends of the equipment including your GSM. What type of input does the GSM have? You would need to measure the voltage to the buzzer possibly take that to a relay that would trigger the GSM.
  4. I try to stay away fron NVR's with built in POE's. Unless they are of high quality the power seems to fluctuate and it seems like one of them is always going out. That's why I like to run the 485 to the PTZ too. It just seems cleaner with bandwidth and power. Typically, my output module is part of the network too so there is no outputs or inputs on the NVR. When I have to get in a good price range I will use the NUUO. This probably does not apply to your application but I don't feel like working today. lol PS: Is there a spell checker on here?
  5. Dontheo

    Recomendation for Miniature Camera

    I am not familiar with the product you mentioned but there is a lot of junk on the market in the smaller board cameras. We use ICRealtime and you will be impressed with the quality. Just do a web search on them.
  6. Yes, it is very specialized. Usually above 10 mega pixel and are used to supplement other cameras as the resolution can get so high you will get 3-4 frames per second. Try the Pelco website. I think they make one.
  7. Vivotek provides free software with their cameras.
  8. Dontheo

    Simultaneous live viewing

    I do agree, but analog has its place. That's why the wire is critical. One can always migrate over to analog or have a combination.
  9. Dontheo

    My 1.1 Million Dollar Ride

    Nice. I went to college with a girl whose Daddy owned I think it was La France. It was the Cadillac of fire trucks. Unfortunatly, she did not like guys. Do you use much infrared to see or read temperatures
  10. Dontheo

    Simultaneous live viewing

    I install professionally so I know how confused everyone is. I also buy direct from China for some of my product. The exact camera here, from one of my distributors will cost 400 dollars and I can buy it for 24.00. However we do use Axis and Vivotek and buy that here. Here's my rules I tell my employees. Wire is cheap. Pull a cat5 or 6 hen in doubt and pull it everywhere. Map it and label it. As a rule, cameras should have a 5 year warranty and a DVR a 3. Check out www.apexcctv.com. Plus they have a ton of tutorials. GEOVISION is not bad.
  11. Dontheo

    Need help with a massive project....

    With such a large project and not a lot of experience I would go to some place that can help you with the design and support. The higher end companies won't help yp much because the are selling to dealers like me and want you to know it or go to their training. I would go to www.apexcctv.com These guys seem to sell a good product and have a ton of how to videos. I have had rxcellent luck with wireless assumiing direct line of sight and not using the cheap type built in to the camera. Check those guys out, or at least their videos.
  12. Dontheo

    Simultaneous live viewing

    I should have said that there are DVRs that will do that through a matrix video output. But they will start at about 1700.00 and will have two HDMI's or more. A good video splitter is your best choice if you are in the wiring phase. If you run the HDMI and/or the VGA you will alsways be limited to that wire in that exact location. We run everything from the head end or hoime run location in a star topography. Get some cat6 and run it to all the possible locations. Put the cables on the Bay. I also only run cat6 to all camera locations also. Gefen makes a good HDMI spliter 1x3 for about 250.00. I cringe when I hear Costco but I probably shouldn't. The market is changing so fast. It is definitly moving to IP megapixel cameras and I see the only way to do this for residential use will be large, on board storge cards out "at the edge" as they say.
  13. Dontheo

    PTZ on all cameras stopped.

    Ok i looked at it. Did you check your USB port? If you put in a new module and upgraded the drivers, and you have video but control at any of the cameras, i would first look to the USB. Try a different one and one you know is working.
  14. Dontheo

    PTZ on all cameras stopped.

    I am not sure of the camera and what it looks like, but sometimes the PTZ function of the camera has it's own power supply. I would look at the camera and how it is wired.
  15. It is all about what kind of performance you expect. Monitoring for activity, people recognition and the actually identifying the person. If you go to the Mobotix web site they have a lot of tool where you can put in your parameters of the area to be viewed and what you will be able to actually see. You can play around with the lens selection there too.