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  1. ICR-JavierC

    Hey, how are you!

    Hi everyone, I'm a web designer who got cough up in the CCTV world, and i came here to learn some useful skills. i work for IC Realtime, but don't bother asking technical questions, my job is to keep the website working, i only have 1 year under my belt about CCTV, so i came here to learn more. A lot have i learned while working there, outside a field out of my confer zone, but i enjoy it, and i look forward to meet more talented people.
  2. ICR-JavierC

    Analog vs IP?

    budget is really a wake up call when it comes to choosing, i love IP cameras, but the price can be terrifying, not to mention the storage space. higher image quality, less recording time.
  3. ICR-JavierC

    Analog vs IP?

    surveillance, set up, quality, durability, etc. to make things more clear, Analog cameras, vs IP cameras.
  4. ICR-JavierC

    Analog vs IP?

    (i searched for the topic, but i could not find it, sorry if is already made) Well, me and my friends had a long discussion regarding which one is better, but many important facts were thrown into the table. We ended up agreeing to disagree, but the question still stand. Which system is better? Conditions being the same for both. Installation, Management, and Durability. No better place to ask this question, than here.
  5. ICR-JavierC

    ISC West Vegas April 2013 Who's Going?

    uh, some of my friends are setting up a booth there. pay us a visit perhaps booth: 17087 Welcome to come and say hi!