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  1. - Reliable Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera with Night Vision capability. - Excellent image quality. - PoE capability makes for a simple and elegant installation. - BONUS: Includes Model POE-I100 48V DC/19W output PoE adapter. $159.00 shipped
  2. Due to the sale of my business, I have several security cameras available that I had used to monitor my property. They are of the type described in the title (Brands: Toshiba, Axis, etc). I have had them listed on EBAY and surprisingly (to me), haven't had much interest. Has security camera technology changed to where this type of unit is no longer used. They were cutting edge technology when purchased. I appreciate any knowledgeable responses to educate me on the current environment. Thank you.
  3. mwolfod

    Use of Audio In/Audio Out

    That is a very interesting option. So, this would require a SECOND Cat 5 cable to be run out to the camera?
  4. mwolfod

    Use of Audio In/Audio Out

    So, I suppose the most elegant way to do that is to run a two connector 12V power source out to the camera from a remote AC power outlet? Also, just to confirm, the audio in/out data itself is transmitted via the already in place POE Cat 5 cable? Thanks for the replies.
  5. mwolfod

    Use of Audio In/Audio Out

    I don't mean to be obtuse, but in addition to POE power? That is, both the speaker and the microphone require supplementary 12V DC power supplies?
  6. I have an ACTI KCM-8211 POE Camera featuring separate single RCA jacks for "Audio In" and "Audio Out". Since the camera is obtaining High Power POE, am I able to simply plug in a single RCA connector microphone and single RCA connector speaker into the respective jacks? In other words, no other power is needed, and the audio in/out information itself is simply transmitted via the Ethernet cable? The camera documentation does indicate the need for an active (amplified) microphone. I don't know if that means an additional power source is required or not. If so, that would seem to defeat the whole purpose and advantage of the elegant POE solution Thank you for any replies and advice. Excellent forum.