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  1. Hello, I have a QSee QC448 DVR, and it has been working non-stop flawlessly for over 5 years. Suddenly for no apparent reason it stopped working (I received my last motion alert in around 1am during the night) I went on-site to see what's going on. The cameras/cables were all intact. However on the DVR, the "Power" status light was flashing on the front. I tried powering it off and on again after a while, but it would not boot again (and was not making the beep sound when it boots), and the same light was flashing again. Disconnected all cameras/monitor/mouse/LAN cable, leaving only the power cable, still the same. What can I do? Does this suggest a faulty hard disk or is it something worse than that? Thanks
  2. bomberb17

    Long-range illuminator

    Yes there's a cctv camera that has IR night vision. However, the problem is that there are some trees between the camera and the area that I want to watch, and the camera's IR picks up the trees but not the area in the background (see attachment). So I need to find a LED spotlight that has narrow beam to illuminate that distant area. (I will also change to a varifocal camera, hope it helps also).
  3. I want to illuminate an area (back door entrance) from about 80ft distance. I don't want IR illuminator, but a regular illuminator. So I'm looking for a bright LED spotlight (about 30W) that has narrow beam in order to focus on that area only. I was looking on ebay but could not find any. Any suggestions?
  4. bomberb17

    Attaching zoom lens to Qsee bullet camera

    So most of you suggest that it's not worth to try attaching lens on that camera, correct? The camera is mounted on an outside wall.. So I will have to buy another varifocal camera.. Any suggestions?
  5. bomberb17

    Attaching zoom lens to Qsee bullet camera

    Ok thanks for the tips.. So which type of lens should I choose? M12 or CS mount? Do I need a lens holder? How can I find the correct lens that would fit on the cam?
  6. I've got a Qsee DVR which includes bullet cameras very similar to this below. I'd like to monitor my house's entrance, but the distance between the wall the camera is mounted on and the entrance is about 100ft, so I can't recognize someone's face. So I'm looking for a lens to make the camera permanently zoom into the entrance. (fixed zoom) Anyone know of some that can be attached on this type of camera?
  7. bomberb17

    Q see camera questions

    Hello, I own the Q-See QC448 DVR with the QM6006B cameras. I have the following 2 questions: A)The camera's IR lights attract many insects, spiders etc. This makes the image very bad and sets out many false alarms. I was thinking of disabling the camera's own IR leds and using an external IR illuminator. Is there a way to turn off the camera's IR leds? B)Is there a way to attach some extra zooming lens on the camera such that it is permanently zoomed to a specific position?