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QSee QC448 does not turn on

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I have a QSee QC448 DVR, and it has been working non-stop flawlessly for over 5 years.

Suddenly for no apparent reason it stopped working (I received my last motion alert in around 1am during the night)

I went on-site to see what's going on. The cameras/cables were all intact. However on the DVR, the "Power" status light was flashing on the front. I tried powering it off and on again after a while, but it would not boot again (and was not making the beep sound when it boots), and the same light was flashing again. Disconnected all cameras/monitor/mouse/LAN cable, leaving only the power cable, still the same.

What can I do? Does this suggest a faulty hard disk or is it something worse than that?


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