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  1. I think he also owns a hosting company so he has access to multiple IP addresses. To be honest, I don't care whether he participates on this site or not as long as he is in full control of himself and he understands his opinions are not gospel - at least not gospel on this site.
  2. One of the reasons for the inactivity is that we recently switched the forums' software from Phpbb (used for 15 years) to IPS which has negatively affected the sites' Google indexing. I am hoping this is just temporary and will eventually pick back up. I feel making the jump to new software will be beneficial in the long run. Another reason is that I personally neglected this site and failed to implement SSL (https) early; which also killed the Google indexing. That's all in the past now and things will start to pick up around here soon.
  3. If you haven't put it together yet; hd908 is fenderman (owner/admin) from the forum you got banned from and he can't be removed from this forum because he keeps coming back. It is interesting that he would make that comment about the Chinese though considering they (his site) sells rebranded Hikvision products. I will clean this topic up and close it to new comments so we all can get back to the true purpose of this forum; helping everyone.
  4. sounds like we got a visit from boogieman aka fenderman aka hd908 aka ? other members...
  5. larry

    all camera failure

    A sudden power spike could definitely kick out multiple cameras at once.
  6. larry

    Does this exist

    Maybe some trail cams fit this description
  7. If the cameras have a way to be reset you can try that. Assuming that the new NVR is setup correctly and the switch is working correctly, I would think poe ports blowing from an abrupt shutdown is possible.
  8. Instead of criticizing someone trying to help, it would be better to give your opinion on what you would have suggested. Based off the information given, what size would you have recommened?
  9. larry

    Detailed CCTV System Design Example

    Good, glad you found an example that helps you and possibly someone else in the future.
  10. larry

    Newbie Questions

    You should consider replacing the entire setup with something like this: https://us.dahuasecurity.com/product/4k-hdcvi-security-system/ This will allow you to reuse the existing coax wiring and upgrade to better resolution and more modern remote access features. You will have to get internet to the dvr for remote viewing.
  11. That's a Hikvision region issue. The cameras and DVRs' region (country) don't match. For instance a Chinese version camera trying to play on a US version DVR.
  12. larry

    User Lockout

    Is your firmware up to date?
  13. larry


    ban you? where did that come from....
  14. larry


    Seems like this is becoming the password reset forum and that's not good... Just try all techniques you read about because it's hard trying to determine which company that seller cloned/copied/ripped-off to make that dvr. Looks like they are still online. Contact them... https://topvideo.aliexpress.com/store/2231175
  15. larry

    Detailed CCTV System Design Example

    Not an example but a tool that can help with designs is www.jvsg.com
  16. larry

    Help ptz camera

    Looks like r45 for video, a ground (thinner wire) and possibly audio
  17. Possible firmware difference? If you're positive it's not there,that's my first thought.
  18. larry

    What cameras

    https://q-see.com Or https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_2_8?k=q-see+cameras&sprefix=q-see+ca&crid=1OETPXDNVX4PT I think q-see is just a rebranded Dahua system.
  19. do a windows restore of your PC to a point when you know it worked or try this too:
  20. does it still work with an older backup usb?
  21. Yes, in theory, that should work. Just locate the router as close to the garage cams as you can.
  22. Definitely, especially since you have a computer handy. Also, I think q-see is a rebranded Dahua so reuse might be doable. If you reuse the cams - you don't like the night vision but try to reuse a few -pickup a poe switch with enough power for the distance, get a decent vms (free versions of milestone or luxriot evo) you might be good.
  23. Wifi will eventually drive you crazy. That Lorex would work fine. I know you don't want to bury cable but that will give you the best results. Why don't you want to bury cables?
  24. It got zapped by a power surge? Anything can be repaired, the question is , "is it worth the cost of repair?". You just maybe better off replacing it and buying a surge protector.
  25. Depends on the DVR. Most manufactures only allow you to use their camera brands on their DVR's