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  1. You can try this tool. It may or may not work. https://www.cctvforum.com/hikvision-password-reset/
  2. larry

    Tvt dvr telnet password

    Possibly information in this thread may help.
  3. The forums topics needs major modernization and cleanup. Some of them made sense in 2003 but not so much now. I will start renaming, removing topics to reflect current trends. Thanks, Larry
  4. Motion detection enabled or lower frame rate or both
  5. larry

    Hello to all

    Hello Charlie, welcome to the forum.
  6. larry

    ISC West 2019

    Event Overview: This is the BIG one; plus it's in VEGAS!! The International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC West) is the largest event in the U.S. for the physical security industry, covering access control, alarms and monitoring, biometrics, IP security, video surveillance/CCTV, networked security products and more. ISC west brings together over 30,000 security professionals from all over the world to meet, source new products, network and conduct business. www.iscwest.com
  7. larry

    Raysharp chinese version

    Have you contacted the person or company that sold it to you?
  8. larry

    Best brands

    Most residential brands are just OEM's of either Dahua or Hikvision which are Chinese companies.
  9. larry

    New to the Forum

    Hello Danie, Welcome to the forum.
  10. larry

    Another new member

    Welcome to the forum Lee
  11. larry

    IFSEC Southeast Asia 2019

    Event Overview: IFSEC SEA 2019 is the Southeast Asia arm of the global IFSEC series of exhibitions that focuses on some of the world’s most critical issues, namely security, fire and safety. The event represents a gilded opportunity for the entire industry value chain to congregate and build networks while witnessing the latest products and technologies offered by leading manufacturers from all over the world. www.super8asean.com
  12. larry

    Intersec Dubai 2019

    Event Overview: Intersec Dubai 2019 is the largest exhibition and the most international trade platform in its industry worldwide. The event will present over 1,300 exhibitors that will showcase a truly comprehensive range of products across seven broad sections: commercial security, smart home, information security, fire & rescue, safety & health, homeland security & policing and perimeter & physical security. www.intersecexpo.com
  13. larry

    ESA Leadership Summit 2019

    Event Overview: Electronic Security Association Leadership Summit 2019 ESA’s executive-level conference gathers the best minds in the electronic security and life safety industry to share best practices and techniques, lend advice, push each other to be better — and move the industry forward. Leadership Summit is where the industry’s brightest minds take their teams and those who depend on them to the next level.
  14. larry

    new here

    Welcome to the forum Franky
  15. Please post all your issues, questions or any other concerns or comments here. I will be checking this throughout the day but there may be a delay in responding (due to work schedule). But I will definitely try to address every issue. I did face issues during the migration to the new software and server but I hope everything made it over correctly and works as it should. The new software is very different than the old software but it offers much more features. So many that I don't know how to load or work most of them. The migration took much longer than I expected and offered a ton of complications. I did not want to keep the forum disabled any longer than I absolutely had to so I decided to make it live again and work out the issues I know with the software support group Monday or Tuesday. Also, I will be making changes to the forums in the coming days - forum renaming, merging - that I did not get a chance to finish before going live again. Thanks for your patience. Larry CCTVForum.com
  16. Yes, reupload because I will not be able to correct this until later in the week.
  17. larry


    Hello and welcome to the forum
  18. Thanks, I didn't notice that. It probably has something to do with being fully SSL (https) now. I will look into getting them to display.
  19. Yeah, but I see you're still here spittin venom so that's encouraging. Hmmm...
  20. The classifieds section is a courtesy for established members needing to unload surplus equipment. New members have to earn the privilege by making constructive, helpful posts. It's not meant for retail to consumer transactions; please do not setup shop here. If you are a retailer, merchant, distributor, liquidator, ebay'er etc.. please refrain from posting in this section. I have to protect the interests of the businesses that actually purchase advertising on this site. Any post judged to be in violation will be promptly removed without warning. NOTE: All purchases/sells made in this section are made at your own risk. The forum is not responsible for transactions conducted here. Thanks
  21. larry

    Night cameras exposed by LEDS

    No one called anyone silly. All that was said is that he is going about it in a "silly way" big difference. Are we all in third grade here? Everyone is looking for an excuse to be offended and complain to mods. They need to man up and take the proper advice that was given. Let's be honest here. Saying someone is approaching something in a "silly" manner is a passive aggressive way of inferring they are silly. We're not all in third grade but, I agree, someone still is.
  22. larry

    Night cameras exposed by LEDS

    I agree. Being called "silly" is not a proper response to a question no matter how many times it has been asked.
  23. Boogieman, SunnyKim the two of you (three if we add in TheUberOverlord) need to move your personal battles somewhere else. Members here do not want to read your petty childish bickering about absolutely nothing. Plus, I am tired of cleaning up after you.