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    Black Wavy Lines

    Switch the camera to a different bnc input and verify whether it's still doing that
  2. larry


    Here is a handy tool, it doesn't show prices to non-members but it still useful. https://ipvm.com/camera-finder
  3. larry

    DNS failed in the dvr

    DHCP is enabled (i don't know whether this generic nvr is receiving or setting these values) so what is setting these network values? Is it setup correctly?
  4. larry

    Hello from Pakistan 🇵🇰

    Welcome to the forum sunyakram
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Hello all

    Welcome to the forum
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    double image - hikvision coax- pic attached

    wiggle the coax and see if that corrects the picture. might just be a bad connection.
  9. larry

    Cold Storage eviroment

    Any camera rated for outdoor use should work. If there is poor lighting in the storage area, get a low light camera.
  10. No problem, I just switched to this software and I can't delete it either. I need to read the help files. But the reason it was deleted was: First time poster Multiple posts of same message Contact information in each post Big image in posts To be honest, I didn't even read what you posted because that's the exact signature of spammers. All CCTVForum.com members hit this guy up for FREE drinks at the show.
  11. We get hit by spam daily..so yeah, you get no warning. This is SPAM so it is going away.
  12. Amazon + "Hikvision" on camera + too cheap + Chinese seller = don't buy
  13. larry

    Suggestions on a new camera system

    1. Definitely upgrade to an NVR 2. Do not use wireless. You already have cat5 installed. An 8 cam wireless system would cause problems 3. Swann is good, it's just an rebrand of a Hikvision 4. You budget is too low to include a PTZ camera
  14. larry

    What you guys think about Dahua?

    You won't be purchasing directly from Dahua so support will be from the supplier you purchase it from.
  15. Yeah, B&H has clout (money + volume sales) so they are able to sell the Hikvision labeled version but, as you mentioned, I doubt they offer personal support. I wouldn't over think this. Just pick a reseller that has been around 5 years or so and you should be good.
  16. In most cases, you have no choice but to get an OEM version. For example, Hikvision and Dahua will not sell to you directly. You may find a grey market version but you may suffer from buying it. The OEM firmware might be slightly different just to try to make the camera seem unique for the distributor (they probably had to pay for the differences) but, for the most part, it's the same camera. Also, they Hik and Dahua aren't the only players. Move up in price point and you have Geovision, Axis, Sony, Panasonic and a host of other companies.
  17. Old list (not too old though) - These companies OEM Dahua or Hik or both. https://ipvm.com/reports/hik-oems-dir https://ipvm.com/reports/dahua-oem
  18. Unfortunately, it might be dead. I don't know if many electronics that let you revert to old firmware; some do but not many allow it. Hopefully, one of those companies will get back in touch with you.
  19. What brand of NVR do you have?
  20. larry

    Dahua NVR 16 ports

    Unless there is some hidden trick i don't know about, a 16 channel poe nvr can power and record up to 16 cameras. You can uplink more cams to a switch by using an additional switch but those are usually recording to a nas.
  21. larry

    harddrive space for 35 camera ip hikvision system

    Try this: https://www.wd.com/solutions/wd-surveillance-capacity-calculator.html Or https://us.hikvision.com/en/support-resources/downloads/tools
  22. larry

    dealer forum

    Its been converted to a Club. If you were in before you still should have access under the Browse, Clubs menu
  23. larry

    Open vms

    Milestone and Luxriot offer free versions of their software but they are not open source
  24. Sounds like it only supports two cameras using line detection at one time. Also if your camera and nvr both support h265, i don't know a reason not to use it.
  25. larry

    Dahua dvr skipping record

    I think you're going to have to give a detailed explanation of what you mean by "skipping records"