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  1. PokerMunkee

    HID Keypad on Infinias

    Made some progress! If a user is setup with a PIN, the reader requires PIN then card to open door. If the user tries only card, it gets access denied Invalid PIN. I need both PIN or card to work. is this a setting in the HID ProxPro? Any ideas?
  2. I have an Infinias system that works for the most part. I recently installed a HID Proxpro Prox Reader keypad. The card reader part works fine. But I can't get PINs working. I have a feeling it has to do with the Wiegand Formats. I've selected "ProxPro Keypad 4-bit Key" and "4 bit ProxPro Keypad" in Infinias with no luck. When I push the numbers on the PIN pad, I get this in my Infinias Event log: Full Name: 0-1" Access Denied Invalid Credential Full Name: 0-2" Access Denied Invalid Credentials etc Any ideas what I'm missing??
  3. Sure, if your system supports it. I use 3xLOGIC's Vigil Server and I have Arecont, Hikvision, Axis, and 10 year old analog cameras all recording on the same servers.
  4. PokerMunkee

    18 IP cam design

    i3 = Dual Core w/ HT i5 = Quad Core i7 = Quad Core w/ HT Servers streaming 20x 3MP cameras at 15FPS use 1-5% CPU. The client streaming them all will max out a i3. Definitely have i5+ on client computers.
  5. PokerMunkee

    18 IP cam design

    I've installed 30 of the Hikvision 3MP bullet cams outdoors, haven't had one fail yet. Survived some cold nights in Colorado and northern Nevada so far (-10F). Great camera for ~$220. I like Netgear's PoE 24 port switch for $350. Has 4 Gigabit ports and 24 PoE ports. It's managed but you don't have to config it. Just plug it in and off you go. Have 24 Areconts on this in at casino and it's ran 24/7 for 5 years with no hiccups.
  6. I spend $30k a year at Newegg for the company I work at. No issues, NET 30 terms. But use Amazon for personal purchases. Cheaper and Prime like already mentioned.
  7. I work in a casino and we use 1.3MP Arecont cameras with varifocal lens to see money and tickets in the cage windows. Cameras are 5' above the 2x2 transaction window. These cameras are over $500 with lens, each. We use 3MP Areconts over poker tables, blackjack, craps, etc to view cards, money, and chips. These run over $700 with lens. Should be good with a 2MP camera with varifocal (adjustable) lens above your registers. Start with PC based NVR and a couple Hikvision 3MP cameras with fixed lens. Cameras are around $220 each. Looking around a $1,000 for 2 cameras and a decent computer with 3TB+. Surveillance is also good to catch employees doing bogus workman comp claims, popular in fast food biz. You need at least 8 cameras in a restaurant to make it worth your while. I'd budget about $2.5k a store, not including labor.
  8. You should hide the switch and NVR somewhere where no one can easily get to it. A locked server cabinet works well. I like putting them up in the ceiling. The 4 port PoE switches are quiet, usual fan less with external PSU.
  9. I like domes when inside, look better especially on a drop ceiling. I use bullets for outside and warehouses. Bullets usually are better at night than domes when using built in IR. I use this switch on small installs: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833122077 It has 12 PoE ports. For $100 more, you can get another model that has 24 PoE ports. Been running these Netgears in casinos for 5 years now, never had a failure or downtime. Lifetime warranty.
  10. Plz do provide link Thx http://blizzard.triplecrowncasinos.com/ftp/vigil-drive-test.zip
  11. I've seen 64k but doesn't matter IMO
  12. If I was installing this, I'd pay about $3K for a 16 channel NVR. Then I'd buy a bunch of 3MP Hikvision bullet cameras at $220 a piece. So if you want 9, that's another $2,000. So with PoE switches, cable, cameras, and NVR, you are looking at around $5,500. Not including labor, which is probably fixed if you are doing yourself. You just need to figure out which NVR system to go with. I personally use 3xLogic's Vigil (3xlogic.com) as I'm very familiar with them. They have a great app for Android/iPhone. You can also use the client remotely or just plain HTTP. I think you are on the right track, sounds like you have an idea what you want. Here is my post with pictures of the Hikvision 3MP bullets, gives you an idea: viewtopic.php?p=229302#p229302
  13. Our 3xLogic servers have a SSD for OS (MS Desktop SQL runs on this) and 8x 3TB drives in RAID10. They provide a nifty disk performance utility where you can setup how many cameras, bitrate, fps, etc and it will tell you if your disk i/o is sufficient or not. Lemme know if you guys want it, I'll host it somewhere.
  14. PokerMunkee

    Adding More IP Cameras to Network

    I like 15fps. Do some testing to see if your fast enough to beat it.
  15. PokerMunkee

    Adding More IP Cameras to Network

    You'll be fine with one NIC. Check your network utilization in task manager. I bet you'll be around 5% or 50Mbps. 30fps seems overkill but if you have storage, go for it. Get a 24 port PoE switch with a couple gig ports. One gig to your TP Link. If you had another NIC on DVR, you'd plug one of the gig ports to your DVR. But you'll be fine with only 10 cams.