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HID Keypad on Infinias

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I have an Infinias system that works for the most part.  

I recently installed a HID Proxpro Prox Reader keypad.

The card reader part works fine.  But I can't get PINs working.  

I have a feeling it has to do with the Wiegand Formats.  I've selected "ProxPro Keypad 4-bit Key" and "4 bit ProxPro Keypad" in Infinias with no luck.

When I push the numbers on the PIN pad, I get this in my Infinias Event log:

Full Name: 0-1"  Access Denied Invalid Credential

Full Name: 0-2"  Access Denied Invalid Credentials



Any ideas what I'm missing??



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Made some progress!  If a user is setup with a PIN, the reader requires PIN then card to open door. If the user tries only card, it gets access denied Invalid PIN. 

I need both PIN or card to work. 

is this a setting in the HID ProxPro?  Any ideas?

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