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  1. Hi, Some news since my last message. I bought a new MEGA lens with an IR cut filter. I asked my chinese seller if he known where I could fine one and he told me that he sell it. So the new lens I reveived works great ! I have true colors this time. I paid $16 for it shipping fees included. If you want the link of his store, just PM me. I bought 2 Mega lens to him, he is serious and quick.
  2. So it is the case ^^ The original Lens (3.6mm) have a small 'red' film glue to the back of the lens. I have to find a small-size photo IR filter ! Thanks for your help
  3. Yes blacks go pink. On the first new lens, it is indicated "IR" and the model number is "MTV12-IR(MP)". There is "IR" in the model number, so it will be very strange it has no IR filter. I have to ask the seller. Else the first lens is a MEGA lens, like the original lens. Concerning the second new lens, it is indicated "for IR CCTV Camera". Do you know where I can find true IR lens 12 mm, M12 ? I seen a lens pack on DX.com, but I think I'll have the same problem ^^
  4. Hi, I have a problem with new lens I bought for my Dahua IPC-HDB3200C. I bought 2x 12mm lens to make some tests and I have the same problem with all of them. I thought the first new lens "Mega IR 12mm", which looks like the original lens, will be perfect for the camera, but no. Some parts of the image (live feed of the camera) are colored in pink ! Some darks parts of the image in fact. I tried the second lens to maybe have a best result, but no, same result. When I try the original lens (Mega IR 3.6mm), I have not this problem. Do you have an idea concerning the problem ? an lens IR filter ? Do I have to find a lens without IR ? Is it the MegaPixels number the problem ? I will try to post some pictures, it will be more clear Thanks !
  5. mroek > I had exactly the same problem with my cam... and I solve it : http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=37535&p=230379 I hope you could repair it too
  6. I repaired my cam I have to test it now ^^ I loggin to the cam with telnet and see that /usr/bin/sonia was not launched, and the message : The camera didn't detect any video 'device' which is the problem. So I thought something could be unplugged. As we can turn the 'lens' on the right, left, top, bottom, I thought it could be the problem. So I disassembled the cam : http://www.image69.fr/img/0_2468 http://www.image69.fr/img/0_2469 http://www.image69.fr/img/0_2470 I unplugged/plugged the cable... and it works great
  7. Hi, I bought a Dahua IPC-HDB3200C four months ago and I have a problem with it : * I can ping the camera ( * I can't access to the webadmin (, I have a white page * the camera reboot each 2 minutes (red led, then green led, then red led, then green led, then red led, ...) * I have no image from the camera with my software (Blue Iris 3) * when I try to detect the camera with ConfigTool, the camera is not listed ! So I can do nothing with it... I can't update the firmware for example. * by reseting manually the camera, it solve nothing. * I tried with/without POE alimentation, same problem. I think it is a hardware problem, what do you think ? I tried different configurations/cables, nothing work. Thanks,
  8. Jino

    Hi from France

    Hi, I'm Jino, I have 29 years old and I am interested by CCTV cameras to keep an eye on my house. At the begining I used cheap cameras and the image quality was not great. So I bought new cameras 4 months ago. I hesitated between IP/HD-SDI cameras and I choose IP cameras with POE. I bought 2 Dahua cameras (IPC-HDB3200C) in China because I did'nt find them in France at this moment and the image quality is more interesting See you on the board ^^