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  1. This sounds like the best solution with the least amount of signal degradation. Thank you to all who have replied!
  2. Sorry bout that, changed to CAT5e And thanks for the info
  3. Hello All, I currently have a self-installed video security camera system along the outside of my home. My system consists of: - Zotac ZBOX IQ-01 Mini-PC Intel 4770T Core i7 Quad Core 3.7ghz - Windows 7 64bit running Blue Iris - 2 x Acti E32 @ 15fps 2048 x 1536 - 1 x SD42212SN-HN 2MP 12X Optical Zoom PTZ Dome @ 30fps 1920 x 1080 - 1 x AVTech AVN813 Wireless Camera @ 15fps - Zyxel ES1100-8p PoE Switch I am thinking of relocating one of my Acti E32 cameras by adding a 75' CAT5e cable run to the existing 60'. I was planning to use a Female-to-Female Ethernet Cable Connector to do this. Will I notice any visible signal degradation by doing this? Thanks in advance to those who reply!
  4. Well, I guess I spoke too soon! Have picture, but cannot use PTZ controller. Any help on getting the PTZ going so I can try the auto-tracking would be great!
  5. Please do no respond to my previous reply. I found the URL to use. For those a bit challenged like myself, I used this URL command to get video on iSpy: rtsp://user:password@ip:port/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=1 Many thanks to Buellwinkle for all his help!
  6. Ok, the wizard gave me a URL to try for Dahua SD59230 using FFMPEG: rtsp://:554/cam/realmonitor Not getting any picture/video at all Also, tried setting for SD3282D-GN. These should all be identical. Don't know where to go from here.
  7. That's what I tried to do by using the wizard & choosing the Dahua SD59230S-HN option. The part that is confusing is choosing the correct URL command to access the video. Could you tell me what you used. Thanks again!
  8. Hello! I'm not well versed with XML. Would you happen to know which setting I can try in iSpy's collection of Dahua camera configs? Cannot get a live pic using your setting, SD3282D-GN or the generic PTZ one. I have the Dahua SD42212SN-HN PTZ Dome. Thanks in advance!
  9. drocer: Would a IEEE802.3af device power up & accept higher wattage than the spec of 15.4watts or 12.9watts at PD? I'm trying a 12vdc power supply direct & all's good so far at max res.
  10. Process of elimination. Good plan! I'll update status tomorrow.
  11. Hello all again, My self-installed video surveillance system had been functioning flawlessly for 5 months. Here is what I have: 2 x ACTi E32 1 x Dahua SD3282-GN 2Mp PoE PTZ Dome 1 x Zyxel ES1100-8p w/4 port PoE unmanaged switch 1 x Zotac 4770T Quad Core Mini-PC Win7 64bit Blue Iris @ 10% Processor Occupancy with all cams at full resolution & fps. My Dahua's cable run is 75' (Outdoor Cat5e rated). Here is a link to it's specs: http://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/sd3282d-gn-288.html I'm running this off one of the PoE ports off the Zyxel switch whose max per port output is 15.4 watts (without external power source). The Dahua is under an eave above the front of my house monitoring my front driveway. You may have seen video that I've posted on one of my earlier posts. It has been working flawlessly for 5 months. I just noticed that recently in the evenings, the connection just drops & I get no video on Blue Iris (both PC & iPhone 5s) & IP Cam Lite on my iPhone 5s. I managed to reboot the camera by unplugging & replugging the Cat5e connection from the Zyxel switch. All cameras are running on max resolution, fps & mbps! I'm just wondering since the Dahua consumes 15 watts of power that when the nightvision (no IR LEDs) kicks in does it consume more power so that the Zyxel cannot handle it? Or is the Zyxel switch dying? I've power cycled it once yesterday, everything was fine, but then when I woke up today, the Dahua had cut out again! Does the combination of the 75' cable run along with the Zyxel's max 15.4 watt PoE port output cut down on the power that's actually feeding the Dahua Dome? I'm thinking of going to the local PC store & buying a TrendNet Power Injector to isolate the power going to the Dahua. It only puts out 15.4 watts though, but it will be dedicated (http://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX45841). I really wanted to get this one by LTS since it puts out up to 30 watts: http://www.computers-canada.ca/store/products/1027021492/POE-I100H/LTS/ One last question. Although this camera is under my house eave, the specs say the Working Environment should be Less than 90% Relative Humidity. Well where I live in the Pacific NW, when it rains from days on end (which it has been lately) it is usually 100% RH. My connections are well protected with Butyl insulation tape. Could this be the problem? I do not see any condensation in the housing or dome glass cover. Any advice on what to try would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!!
  12. I ended up replacing the E32 in our front driveway with a Dahua SD3282D-GN 2MP PTZ that can be powered just with PoE without a separate power supply. I needed more coverage & it has proven to be an excellent choice!
  13. f13dfx

    ACTi E32 3MP only 3 months old for sale!

    Lowering to $250.
  14. You think you had severe Purple problems. This is what I had in July & it was the very 1st network ip camera that I bought. Fortunately, Kyle from ESC took it back & gave me a refund. I never did find out what was causing it .