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  1. Review the footage and see if there is anything there, I had a client who was convinced it was a local youth on his way home from the pub, looked at the rg and it looked like was cut with a knife , turned out to be a Fox!
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    Domain for sale

    I have the domain www.cctvfitter.com for sale , looking for offers in excess of £500.
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    Please HELP! In over my head

    Op states he did a 24 camera install that was spot on ? Which isn't a diy job is it? So you really did a 24 cam job without a meter ? Mmmm.
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    Please HELP! In over my head

    Are you seriously saying you are an experienced installer , yet you dont have or know how to use a dmm .
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    Problems screwing dome cameras to there wall brackets

    I think I know what your issue is. When you screw the base to the wall don't really overtighten the screws because you will distort the base ,even the slightest distortion will cause the threads to missalign. Rob.
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    help help

    Probably none, probably not recording!
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    Need counsel

    I thought he said he was Dwayne from Oxford?
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    Boosting Power

    The answer to your question is to power the camera locally , calculating cable length and voltage drop to overvolt from source is not a good idea, if you calculate to get 12v to camera when the IR is on , you are gonna get more voltage when the IR is off.Measuring the cable will not give you a true idea , you need to know what the current the camera is drawing as well as voltage.
  9. RG59 is specifically designed for use for cctv applications, cat 5 and baluns are a work round for when RG is too difficult to run or the engineer can't be bothered. Cat 5/6 (network cable ) is for IP cameras and the only time in my experience (25 years) people cross the two is when they want to get a work around for a site with complex issues. So here is your answer , analogue /hdsdi Rg59 Ip , cat5/6 Don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise.
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    ip cameras

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    Domestic CCTV Security

    I have given up doing domestic work,complete waste of time.
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    Tweaks for SWANNHD820CAM?

    Tweak it in the bin.
  14. Mmm , Hello everyone , I thought I would start doing cctv installations , but I don't know the first thing about it. How much should I charge?