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  1. Arockerdude

    Is This Geovision DVR System Adequate?

    No it's not my add. And no offence taken. I see how them shysters try to sale there products on the forum all the time and I'm sure you and others are sick of it. I am extremely thankful for the time you and everyone else out here has taken to help me out over the years. " title="Applause" /> The guy admitted to my nephew this morning that it is a fake card but claimed it is running the newer software 8.3 I figured out they were fakes by looking over his reviews and seeing he used to sale 800 cards for $179. I see his stuff is all inferior junk and advised my nephew not to bite and he agreed. But a real Geovision card is not off the table.
  2. Arockerdude

    Is This Geovision DVR System Adequate?

    Is it true that only a real Geovision card will run the 8.4 software? Because this guy say's it is running Geovision 8.4 software.
  3. Arockerdude

    Is This Geovision DVR System Adequate?

    Do you guys think it is a real Geovision 800 card that can be removed and put in a better built system later. I see this person has 7 of these systems and others to choose from. I would think it is a real Geovision 800 card if it is running the 8.5 software. Right?
  4. Arockerdude

    Is This Geovision DVR System Adequate?

    My nephew is thinking about buying this system. What do you guy's think? Is it adequate? Will it handle direct draw overlay? I don't see how this guy can sale them so cheap. It seems to me a Geovision 800 card alone is going for around $499. http://www.ebay.com/itm/GeoVision-GV-800-16Ch-DVR-Surveillance-System-1TB-V8-4-IP-camera-support-/180757441775?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a15fbacef
  5. Arockerdude

    Geovision not responding to my email request for 8.5 upgrade

    I bought the card off Craigslist so I don't know if a local dealer would help. Matter of fact I don't think we have a local dealer. Geovision sent me the update link for about four years. But for the last two years I have sent a half dozen request and they do not acknowledge my request. I sent an email to their sales dept. and they said I would have to just keep trying but they could do nothing for me. Luckily a good caring person out here shared a copy with me. As far as I'm concerned Geovision does not support their product. They will sale their product to you but no support. That has been my experience with them. I do like their product. But I question if I would go with Geovision next time. I'm considering going with a Dahua/Qvis Apollo. Anyone know of another computer based DVR that is better or as good as Geovision. I here Dahua does make security cards but I did not have much luck finding them.
  6. Arockerdude

    Geovision not responding to my email request for 8.5 upgrade

    (your dog rescue centure) I bought something from that guy before...
  7. Arockerdude

    Is this Geovision 800 card real or fake

    The guy admitted it is a fake. It was on CL for under 100
  8. Can you tell if it is real or fake. The guy that is selling it says there is not a serial number sticker on it. http://s6.photobucket.com/albums/y206/Arockerdude/?action=view&current=IMG_7881.jpg http://s6.photobucket.com/albums/y206/Arockerdude/?action=view&current=IMG_7880.jpg
  9. Arockerdude

    Geovision not responding to my email request for 8.5 upgrade

    I see they have the 8.5 full version software on ebay for $20 but I hate to pay for it I guess I would have the full version on disc which would be good.
  10. Arockerdude

    What Dell computer to use for an GV-1480A 16 Channel?

    How many PCI slots are available I wonder? Sometimes it is are to figure.
  11. I have sent three e-mails to Geovision requesting they send me the upgrade link for Geovision 8.5 and I have not gotten any response. This is the e-mail address I am using download@geovision.com.tw I always send my serial # when I send my request. It worked for the first few years but the last couple of years they don't respond. Has anyone else had problems getting them to respond lately?
  12. Would you please tell me what Dell computer from the Dell.com site you would purchase for the GV-1480A 16 Channel? I was told by a Dell sales person not tech that the Inspirion 620 would be fine.
  13. Arockerdude

    Building Four 16 Cam Systems

    Here is the situation as briefly as I can write it. My new employer owns four police impound yards/auto Salvage yards and would like me to build him a 16 cam system for each yard. He would like to view all four yards from the main yard and his home. He would also like to view all four yards on separate screens. I myself have a GV 800 8 cam system with 8 true day/night cameras. Four are Pelco CCC 1390's and four are Panasonic WV CP474's. I also have 2 microphones and a police scanner plugged into the system. I sure love my system. It has served me flawlessly for four years and has kept the neighborhood hoodlums in check to a point. It takes them a while to realize that I have the cameras. I have countless videos of the cars getting robbed etc. Anyway I owe you guys a big thanks, especially Rory. You guys are incredible. Thank you all very much! I seem to have my employer convinced that the Geovision system and the true day/night cams are worth the price tag they come with. The main yard is covered in what looks to be small and very large bullet cams with lots of large IR’s. Most just have initials like KMC or CMC something like that. The plan is to replace them with true day/night cams. The DVR looks to be pretty old and is not a computer based Geovision system so I believe it should be replaced. The problem is I am finding it difficult to find a Geovision DVR pre built with an 1120a card. I found a couple but they were very expensive. I’m thinking it would be cheaper to build my own computers and install the Geovision 1120a’s. My employer says he would like to order the computer from Dell. My questions are will the 1120a cards be adequate for the job? What Dell computer would you think is adequate? And is it possible for him to view all four yards on separate screens with this setup? We were looking at the Geovision control center on the Geovision site and were thinking it might be helpful for this installation. Also he would like a motion detection system that will phone him at home. I see that the Geovision system will send IM alerts but is there a way to set it up with some type of add on devise that will phone him at home? I really appreciate any input you guys may have.
  14. Arockerdude

    Will my Geovision 800 system 8.4 work on 64 Bit Windows?

    Thanks for the help. I tried to load Geovision on 64 bit Windows 7 and it was a no go. I tried the 64 bit driver that came with Geo 8.4 and it would not work for me. Lucky for me I purchased Windows 7 online at the MS store and was able to sign in to my account and download either the 32 or 64 bit version no extra charge. I use my computer for everything. Not just Geovision. Since I put Windows 7 on this computer things have run much, much better. Seems to me it would be a big help to have the extra memory with the 64 bit version. I was not aware most people use 32bit system with Geo. What if someone only had a 64 bit system and they were trying to run Geovision? Seems they would have to switch to 32 bit version.
  15. Will my Geovision 800 system with 8.4 software work on 64 Bit Windows? I want to switch from 32 Bit to 64 Bit thinking my computer will run better and faster. Your thoughts? Thanks Dave