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  1. Totally agree if only the UK sales guys would come a bit closer on price though. From China I can get the camera around £100 may have to pay some duty vat etc in the UK some companies have quoted me up to £245 for the same camera which is just crazy. Found a few on eBay who say they are in the UK but when you look into it further they are actually Chinese anyway. What a minefield. I did bring in my last dahua cameras for around £1000 and was getting quoted £2300 in the UK they have worked well but never got any help with firmware updates etc from the supplier and was left to work it all out myself. Previous cameras from China ended up being fakes which was an absolute knightmare. Any UK suppliers want to sell me these at a reasonable price please PM me.
  2. Hi I am in the UK. What do you mean hikvision changed their name to hikvision?
  3. Feel the same Tom. How come others can supply 8mm with ease. Are you a fully authorised hikvision supplier?
  4. Hi xinray Are you not the same company as eagle vision as they do appear to have 8mm available. Think like Tom says will just buy one but really want an 8mm one to start with.
  5. Hi xinray I really need one with an 8mm lens and one with 4mm. Can you supply that? Just to check these have audio are PAL and in English? Kind regards David
  6. Hi I had planned on buying a few Hikvision cameras from Eagle Vision https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Hikvision-DS-2CD2185FWD-IS-8MP-Dome-IP-Camera-H-265-POE-SD-Card-slot-30m-IR/217821_32831814016.html?spm=2114.12010612.0.0.7fd314922h7aSR these ones in particular and have asked if they are Hikvision authorised etc. just wondering if you ever got your problems sorted out? Also if you did finally receive your items where they genuine articles etc. Kind regards David Sorry I know this thread is a few months old now.
  7. DavidH

    Hikvision DS-2CD2185FWD-IS any good?

    Thanks for the info danBBB glad to hear it works well. It is a genuine HIKVISION you have bought though just not from an authorised dealer or is it an actual copy like tomcctv says?
  8. Guys, About to replace my Dahua DH-IPC-HFW3301CP 3-12mm cameras as the 3mp resolution is not good enough and I have always struggled to get them really well focused. I am thinking of HIKVISION DS-2CD2185FWD-IS does anyone own use or even supply these? (I am in the UK) I have noticed I can get them pretty cheap on aliexpress for as low as £91.64 delivered what do you guys think? Any issues with these 4k cameras that anyone knows of? Thanks David
  9. unreliable firmware, no response when you email them and also their PSS and smartPSS are rubbish. I was asking for help in setting their software up on another link. No matter what I did it just does not work. I have installed genius vision and with a bit of work with my limited knowledge its recording. Still can't remote access the cameras though so not sure if thats just me being rubbish, the software being rubbish or the firmware just not allowing it. I do think its my knowledge though and not understanding port forwarding, ftp, rtsp, ddns and any other arrangement of random letters !! Cheers I have it downloaded but may not run it as yet as I bricked the last 4 IP cameras I have and 3 years later they are still sitting in a cupboard as I don't have the heart to throw them in a bin. David
  10. thanks for that is it definitely genuine and no viruses etc?
  11. Dear all I have 4 of the above cameras on my house for a few years now. Up till now I have used PSS and it has worked, more recently it appears to be conflicting with my PC and making Explorer.exe crash so I thought, as I did a few years ago move to SmartPSS with PC-NVR. After 3 days of pulling my hair out I can see the cameras on the view screen, I can press the local record on the SMartPSS view screen and it records in the F drive that I am pointing them at but the screens need to be kept open in live view. However, I cannot get PC-NVR to record at all and even allocating disc space from my 2TB drive does not appear to work. It says allocate between 6G~1865G if I type in a number it does not allocate that amount. What am I doing wrong? I really never got to grips with all the FTP, RTSP etc. and don't know much about settings so treat me as a newby. Thanks for any help OR would I be better trying other smarter software that auto fills all the information for me such as blueiris? I think the plusnet router also has a lot of problems with it as I can't seem to easily open ports on it so I cannot remote view using gDMSS etc. Cheers David
  12. Has anyone got firmware for IPC-HFW3301C I bought 4 of these a few years ago and am back trying to set them up properly but a firmware may be a place to start. I am also starting a new thread where I really need some setup help again. David
  13. Hi if you did download the latest PSS and install it did the information change on the program at all? If you click on the about button from within the program mine still says Ver 4.06 Date 2012.01.09 which is what originally came with my Dahua 3301 cameras just late last year. Software is a bit out of date. Also wondering if there have been any firmware updates for the Dahua's anywhere that I can download those as well. Thanks David
  14. yes did not try link it is not working. Is there no way you can get someone to copy the small disc onto a full size disc or onto a memory stick maybe? Is there a way I could send it to you its around 50mb possibly by skype have seen that done before. I am sure there is probably a more up to date version by now but prying that out of Dahua hands appears difficult. David
  15. I think its number 3 on this page http://www.dahuasecurity.in/download_9.html and within that there is some config information for recording onto a PC. Other than that go directly via internet explorer and type in the IP address of the camera on your network and you will see the CCTV interface. I ended up just recording constantly with my 3301's as I could not get motion detection to work correctly and quite a few other problems with these cameras. I have asked Dahua around 5 times now if there is any firmware update for the camera to make it more stable and an update of the PSS software but got nothing back. I learnt more from the guys on this forum so thanks Dahua for nothing and CCTV forum for everything. David