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  1. afschmitt

    4mm Hikvision DS-2CD2532-IS

    Hello. I am selling and USA retail version of the Hikvision DS-2CD2532-I mini dome camera. I purchased it several months back for a new home I just built. It's 4mm and I need a 6mm. It's never been mounted or used other than for some testing. $99 + shipping and it's yours.
  2. So you got it working under Chrome? It works for me but only under Safari.
  3. Are you using Safari or Chrome? I just noticed my works with Safari but not with Chrome.
  4. You can download it from the Hikvision website. http://www.hikvision.com/en/us/download_more.asp?id=1281 I just can't seem to get it running on OSX 10.10
  5. Anyone have a problem with Yosemite and the Hikvision plugin. I can't seem to get my cameras to load in Chrome or Safari. I tried re-downloading the plugin too.
  6. I installed 6 cameras around my house DS-2CD2532-I. The one on the front porch was working great but now stays in B&W (night) mode all day. I can manually switch back to color but the auto thing stopped working. The rest of the cameras work fine and all the settings are the same. I even wiped the entire thing and started over but it still is stuck. Any ideas?
  7. afschmitt

    Hikvision DS-2CD2532-I 4mm (MiniDome)

    The camera is sold. Thanks for your interest.
  8. Hello. I am selling and "English" version of the Hikvision DS-2CD2532-I mini dome camera. I purchased it several months back for a new home I just built. The problem is that I have a gutter in the way so I am going to get a 6mm version. You can see in the photo below. $125 shipped with the original box.
  9. I also downgraded the firmware but it did not help. Has anyone tried yet with a different provider? Does it work? I can't seem to get it to work with iCloud either.
  10. I am having the same issue but I am not using an NVR. Upgrade them to 5.1.6 and the camera alerts, which were working in GMail just stopped working. I think it might be a bug in the new camera firmware.
  11. I have two DS-2CD8464F-EIW and one DS-2CD2432F-IW. All are being used as baby monitors and I really can't see a difference. The wife loves them as do the grandparents and the nanny. Our son just turned three so it's time to sell one of them but I've been very happy with Hikvision and the iVMS app. Let me know if you have any questions.
  12. afschmitt

    Classifieds Section

    Well I have 21 and can't post. I found a guy posting with 8. I guess I'll try Ebay instead.
  13. Anyone know what it takes to be able to post in the classifieds section? I've been online this forum for a year with about 20 posts. I've got four Hikvision cameras for sale but I can't seem to post in the classifieds. The sticky in the forum is very vague on the matter.
  14. I am having trouble with the night mode on my Hikvision DS-2CD2532F-IS. It looks great during the day but at night you can't see anything. Any ideas on how to correct it? Day Image Night Image
  15. I'm havings lots of problems with the 5.1.0 Chinese version of the DM365 firmware. Anyone have 5.1.2 or 5.0.0?