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  1. Davidju

    Video server question

    so those sub ~200 video servers on Ebay are basically junk?
  2. Davidju

    Video server question

    1ch video server brand and non-brand.
  3. check the network ports. if your DVR is behind a router you need to open 3000~3007 from the router setting(port forwarding).
  4. Davidju

    DVR rebooting itself

    it could be watchdog kick-in. something happened to the system(program freeze, Windows crash) and DVR watchdog forced system to restart.
  5. Davidju

    Video server question

    what's price range for an video server? from top model to low-end
  6. Davidju

    [b]XML POS Data Overlay [/b]

    Chance-i card will do with V11.06.5 software