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    Video server question

    what's price range for an video server? from top model to low-end
  2. Davidju

    Video server question

    so those sub ~200 video servers on Ebay are basically junk?
  3. Davidju

    Video server question

    1ch video server brand and non-brand.
  4. check the network ports. if your DVR is behind a router you need to open 3000~3007 from the router setting(port forwarding).
  5. Davidju

    DVR rebooting itself

    it could be watchdog kick-in. something happened to the system(program freeze, Windows crash) and DVR watchdog forced system to restart.
  6. Davidju

    [b]XML POS Data Overlay [/b]

    Chance-i card will do with V11.06.5 software