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  1. I am currently running 5 x DS-2CD2342WD-I Turret cameras in my home and looking to purchase around 5-7 more of them. I have been running a PC with milestone software on it but am finding it doesn't really have the grunt to keep up with the recording. I am wondering what HIK NVR's I should look at to run these cameras. I should point out that I am running the current cameras of a 24 port Cisco POE switch. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  2. Hi there, I am currently setting up a new CCTV system in a new house. I am purchasing 12 HIK Vision cameras, a mix between the DS-2CD2132F-IS and the DS-2CD2532F-IS. I was originally going to go with a PC based recorder and with either the HIK Software or Milestone. Now I am wondering if I will need a higher spec'd system to handle HD feeds from 12 cameras and that perhaps I am better off getting one of HIK's NVR's to do the recording for me. I am also wanting to interface with an alarm system and use the indoor cameras as motion sensors to trigger the alarm. Is this possible with an NVR or PC Based system? What NVR would people recommend?
  3. Got it! All working now, thanks a lot for your help!
  4. Have you actually had it running on the native HIK app? I have seen vidoes where people have referred to a mobile section on the PCNVR software but the version I have downloaded from HIK's website has no such options, hence I have no idea which ports to use etc Yes i have it running on the HIK PCNVR and connected to it through IVMS iPhone APP. Which version of the PCNVR do you have and you are trying to view cameras internally and externally from your network right. I am using Hikvision iVMS-4200 PCNVR v1.02.00.03 (Windows) At the moment only trying to get it working internally, once I have that going I can get it going externally myself
  5. Have you actually had it running on the native HIK app? I have seen vidoes where people have referred to a mobile section on the PCNVR software but the version I have downloaded from HIK's website has no such options, hence I have no idea which ports to use etc
  6. Hi all, I have just taken delivery of a couple of HIK Vision DS-2CD2732F-IS cameras and am currently testing them out on a small Intel NUC comptuer My aim is to have some sort of mobile access to the cameras (which will expand later on up to around 8 ) on my ipad. Currently I am trialing the HIK Vision iVMS-4200 PCNVR software as well as the Milestone software to try and find the best solution I am wondering if there is a way to use my ipad currently with the HIK software. It would seem at the moment from what I have seen that the HIK app for ipad will only connect to a standalone HIK DVR. Am I correct in my assumption or is there a way to connect my ipad to the PCNVR software? Thanks
  7. mhz

    PTZ or dome? Which one?

    Thanks for the advice, but it must be an IP camera I am using a PC with DVR software on it
  8. Hi there, we have been having some issues with neighbours and people trespassing down a private laneway behind our house recently and I have decided to put up some surveillance cameras to try and catch people in case they decide to do something illegal. I have the following requirements for a camera: IR Lights (must be able to record clearly at night) 2-3MP Ability to record to SD or micro SD card if DVR is offline Ability to record 180 degree angle (hence my preference for PTZ) I have been leaning towards Acti or HIK Vision cameras as I want to keep the costs down as much as possible. I guess I would prefer to spend under $600. I have attached some photos of the laneway and our carport which is where I am hoping to mount the camera. I am wondering what people would recommend I go for? Is it possible to mount a dome camera vertically?
  9. I have been doing some research into a CCTV system for my new home and have decided on either Acti or HIK Vision for the setup I need around 5-6 cameras outside and the same for inside the house I am looking at around 3MP IP cameras and have shortlisted the following Acti E72 Acti D72 HIK DS-2CD2732F-IS HIK DS-2CD2132F-I Acti D55 I work in IT and have computers lying around that could be used for a software NVR solution, but I'm also open to using a purpose NVR box What recommendations do you have for me regarding this sort of setup? I am wanting to spend max $300 per camera if I can What is the HIK equivalent to the Acti D55? I should also add that I run a couple of QNAP storage devices on the network as well (of which one is currently running my foscam and d-link ip cams in my current house). If I could utilise these that would be a bonus.
  10. Hi there, I recently came across this forum whilst researching for an IP CCTV system for my new house I am building Currently in the house I am renting I have a Qnap NAS storage device which is also recording from a Foscam and D-Link camera over wireless. The quality isn't the best and in the new house I would like a better system I want to stick with IP cameras and will most likely cable the house with Cat6 I am not sure on what sort of cameras to get though and whether or not to stick with the Qnap for storage/recording or get a whole new DVR/NVR I don't want to spend a fortune on the system so Axis cameras are probably not something I will look at, however I still want to get the best quality/image possible for the price. Can anyone out there help with some suggestions? Thanks