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  1. Firepower

    Using 2mp 1080P Cameras - Cain I use 4mp Cameras.

    Thanks - I will not buy any.
  2. Firepower

    how to make zosi be viewable out of house?

    I guess you have seen all the videos on youtube about setting up for smart phones. The following may not be your DVR. I guess you realise you do not have to leave home to test if it is going to work away from home. You just turn your wifi off and it is the same as being away from home. You may be already doing this. Hope someone can help with detailed information of your problem.
  3. Firepower

    Wireless vehicle surveillance in garage

    Some wire up dash cams so they run all the time. Maybe mount a good quality dash cam near the rear window pointing forward so you can see people doing stuff down the side of the vehicle. Use a 64GB micro SD card or bigger if the system will allow it but I think you would get over or about a week recording before being over written. Whatever how long it is it is more than enough to catch the "criminals". Just a cheap option. Someone else may have a better suggestion.
  4. Firepower

    Looking for residential security camera system

    Interesting. https://www.abc.net.au/7.30/banned-chinese-cameras-are-being-used-by-the/10239036
  5. I have a Floureon DVR using 1080P AHD Cameras and all working great. Can I use 4MP AHD Cameras with that system? Thanks https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FLOUREON-8CH-1080P-1080N-HDMI-H-264-CCTV-Security-Video-Recorder-Cloud-DVR-US/253775709668?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  6. The "cheap junk" IP cameras work just fine if you get the right ones. Some people just do not lower themselves and try cheap IP cameras. It is not high security system but everyone have there needs and budget and good for checking cats at home. I have had the IP Cameras for years in conjunction with a DVR system and they have greatly improved in very recent times. So the three I am currently using can access the recorded video on the SD card (I am not interested in cloud service) from anywhere in the world, the video in the day is clear and in the night it is the same but black and white. I understand the problems with IP Cameras about people listening in and there is plenty of videos on youtube about that. So if the cheap ones ARE WORKING PERFECTLY to my standards why would you buy expensive ones. In regard to my DVR home security system the experts here would say do not buy cheap DVR junk system. I just got a $62 1080N DVR, used the 2TB hard drive from my old system with $25 1080P AHD cameras. I should not mention this system here and it would be called "cheap" junk The sharpness of the video is acceptable to what I want to pay. The 4mp cameras rather than 2mp would be great but I can not justify the extra expense. The only reason I got this system it is easy to get the eight cameras on my IPhone and the video at night is much better. So if this DVR system is also working perfectly to my needs why not buy "cheap junk". Some people here would have a security business and do not like the cheap stuff being mentioned but if you like fiddling just to set it up like going to umart.com.au and buying a proper security hard drive etc then it can be done cheaply. I realise this DVR system is not a high resolution professional system but some people do not need that. That's all and I will not comment further.
  7. Firepower

    Home Security

    I have had a DVR system for years but just use the newer stand alone ones fill in for where I have not had time to run the cable through my three roofs and two walls. I would have had 15 stand alone ones over the years and the old ones even the $100 was not reliable. I even bought last year a $140 name brand stand alone but gave it away as it did not take a Micro SD card and only saved to the Cloud. That is good if they steal your camera but I did not want to pay the monthly fee. So the current ones I have are working great and even had one pointed at my security system so I can see if the house alarm has gone off. That has been very handy for years but will put my main DVR system camera to cover that seeing I can now get the eight cameras on my main system showing on my IPhone. I have had the stand alone ones outside monitoring outside the rear of the house where it is close to the router and protected under my BBQ roof. I have had a stand alone IP camera monitoring the front door through a window near the front door and continuously recording to a 64gb Micro SD card until I was able to view my main DVR system on my IPhone. The stand alone ones can always be hacked and people can view and hear what is on the camera. There is good viewing of that on youtube. The DVR system is always the best way but the stand alone ones are good depending on peoples budget and the security required. That is seeing the new ones have proven to me to be quite reliable.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I did not know there were two 1080 types but I ended up with a 1080N version which is not the best. Anyway I am pleased with the purchase and the 1080P AHD cameras are much better than my old 720 type cameras at night. Thanks for the information.
  9. Firepower

    Home Security

    I am a cheap skate or a savvy buyer maybe. So I'll mention the cheap ones I have had but no 360 degree ones. Maybe you are after a DVR box type with IP Cameras but here is some information on cheap stand alone ones. All these you have to have patience and not mind mucking around with the a bit. I have been using the V380 ones for quite a while and been good. I could check the cameras from overseas on my IPhone. You actually search V380 to locate the cameras on sites. V380 Version I have had for years these well in the 720P version and this is an updated 1080P. They may now have QR code to set up but if not they can take a while to set up Sometimes you can do it in 2 minutes. That is set up with an IPhone etc. On my Geek IPhone app I have this exact camera for $22. This one is $35 so go searching. Occasionally EBay have them around $25. https://geek.wish.com/product/5a7518180e39882737375378?&hide_login_modal=true Digoo Name Brand Version. My daughter bought three Digoo BB-M1 IP cameras which look the same as the V380 ones. I set one up for her and it worked great but she moved it and could not get it going again. So I have the three Digoo IP cameras for a couple of months and only today I could not see anything on the Micro SD Card. I just rebooted it and all good again. To get the Digoo cameras going it was quick and easy as it had a QR code to scan. But there are features you have to set up the way you want them. Either record on movement or full time record plus other stuff which takes a while to understand. It is just what you have to do with any IP camera. I think there is a Version 2 - Digoo BB-M2 which would be a bit dearer. Yahoo I just found Version 2 for AU $28 https://www.banggood.com/Digoo-BB-M2-Mini-WiFi-Camera-USB-Wireless-IP-CAM-Home-Security-HD-720P-RTSP-PTZ-Audio-Onvif-p-1097872.html?cur_warehouse=CN I would say that is a good buy but check them out on youtube and review sites. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=digoo+m2 That should be good and worth buying one at least. I have paid $100 for ip cameras in the past and they have been useless. Pity I wasted that money on name brand cameras but these new ones were not around then. See what you think. Col
  10. Firepower

    Best NightVision Camera

    Thanks for the reply. I checked those cameras out and cost quite a bit more than mine. The video is much sharper than mine but I do not really need to spend that much. I have quite a few of the $30 stand alone IP cameras and they are very sharp at night. I have not worked out saving the photos to the PC from the DVR yet (just takes time) but here is a photo played back on my IPhone and a photo taken from that. Hopefully when taken from the DVR it will be a bit better. Like I said the photo is not too sharp but that will do me. The video during the day is great. (my opinion of great) That camera was out of focus when I got it so had to refocus it. I have ordered two more cameras which are hopefully better. For a $62 DVR and $25 1080P AHD cameras that will do me. The cameras are 2mp and 3,000TVL. The area I am standing is over bright and washing out my details. If there were some higher resolution cameras under $100 I'd like to know.
  11. Firepower

    Best NightVision Camera

    Here is my old system photo and my new system photo. The photos were taken on my IPhone from the screen. My new DVR was cheaper than my old one and new one takes AHD cameras. Is that a reasonable night video in the second photo?
  12. H264 compression video compression on 720 system and 1080N system. They both say H264 video compression so is the quality of the recorded video the same as both are H264 or is the video from the 1080N system better?
  13. I ended up getting a new $75 four channel recorder from Australia. Just thought I would try a four channel as people said they were not too good. For the home it is great and now will have to buy an eight channel. The one I am looking at for under $100 is a 960H 960 x 480 resolution which is even better. The quality of the picture of the one I got is about the same as the not so good quality professional systems when they first came out years ago. It is still good at full screen. I have been buying these cameras which seem good and even have OSD. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/331068567749?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 But I suspect there are no other cameras around that price range that would be better? I might look at getting this one next. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/48pcs-IR-LEDS-800TVL-1-3-SONY-Effio-A-CCD-OSD-Vandal-Dome-3-6mm-WHITE-Camera-p89-/321272464603?pt=AU_Home_Personal_Security&hash=item4acd54c4db&_uhb=1 All in all for the home for the price, these systems are great. Col
  14. It has been good info I have obtained here and that is why I asked. Not particularly worried about warranty at that price. Also the frames per second is not a worry but the quality of the frames is the important one. From info here I have checked the record resolution of the cheap ones and it is not good. Pull it up on full screen and you would not know what you are seeing. I started specifying video security installations in over 50 company sites when four hour tapes with Panasonic double speed recorder for 8 hours was the go which meet the needs of the risk for the business at that time. Also just around then security companies were only just starting up with reasonably priced video security systems. The Panasonic video cameras were also the best and installed in those days. I have started to check out: http://www.rhinoco.com.au/home http://secu-vision.com/ Thanks for the comments to date.
  15. These cheap ones cost about $300 in local shops. I am looking at getting the direct from China price with no hard drive. I'll buy a Seagate hard drive locally. I bought over 50 professional name brand systems for where I used to work but do not need anything like them. I guess some here would say you have to pay well over $1,000 to get a decent home system. Anyway I guess there are none you can suggest on ebay. Just easy to buy there on PayPal. Any suggestions on brands and models is always welcomed. I see there are Swan systems for hundreds of dollars at the local JayCar shop but they just look like the cheap recorders. Specifications on this one look all right to me but still only a cheap one. Might have to find a better supplier. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/8-Channel-CCTV-Security-Surveillance-DVR-8CH-AUDIO-Cameras-System-NEW-p96-/181044387651?pt=UK_CCTV&hash=item2a27161f43 Thanks Col AUSTRALIA