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  1. Sorry, didn't see this before. It was solved with new version 2.003.104M000.0.R.200522 DELETE AND RE CREATE
  2. Hello!Installed hundreds of servers using Ip and P2P method. There are times some servers refuses to connect via p2p method from Smart PSS no matter what with antivirus and firewalls being turned off. They connected OK form Gdmss or Idmss. Of course I ve re checked SN types and credentials. Seen this problem since 2016....Any ideas?
  3. Hello; I been having this two issues with this same dvr. Dvr firmware is from 2009 and the hard disk is a SATA 3 Western Digital...could that be the problem? Also, as soon as I reboot this dvr, it will loose date/time...I can manage to auto synchro with ntp but Iám still worried about it. Maybe a bad back battery? Thanks for any help
  4. Thanks Ssnapier & SunnyKim! So...there´s no point in installing a camera with more than 480tvl if you will be monitoring through cell phones...right? BUT, what about recording? I am familiar with Dahua PSS (but still not sure which encoding is used in recording to hard disk). -Assuming it records with MAIN STREAM encoding in D1- then it is also waste of money to buy a 800tvl camera?
  5. Hello, I´ve installed aprox 20 Dahua dvrs with D1 inputs. I realized that even using 800tvl cameras no matter how good i set the input, image seems worst than cif quality on remote client!! In other words, there´s no difference between 420 or 800tvl... It seems that the only way to take advantage of a medium resolution camera is watching it live locally through the DVR BNC output...not even vga. Could that be true?