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  1. I remember a few months ago there was a vid I saw of some woman jogger taking a dump in a persons driveway. Did it twice over a period of days and they were asking for help trying to ID the person.
  2. Arnold Layne, had a strange, hobby.....
  3. Totally fried the access system (pieces of the gate operator were blown out of it's enclosure and all over the parking lot), but didn't hurt the video. dn_44RCM0qc
  4. When our office moved we had a lot of stuff that we did not need at the new place so I bought some of it at auction. Wanting to sell off what I have left. Price I want is listed but I will negotiate and does not include shipping. Would be shipped from Asheville NC to locations within the 48 contiguous US states. Most all items are used but like new condition, unless otherwise noted. I have: (1) Cisco Catalyst 3750G 48-POE switch. $450 (1) Cisco 3845 Router. $300 (1) HP Proliant DL320 G5p rack mount server. $150 (1) Chamberlain EL2000LG-A Telephone Entry system (used as a demo, never installed in the field but back of the unit is scratched up. Front is like new) $600 (1) Chamberlain / Elite EL25 Telephone entry system. Brand spanking never used. $450 (1) Chamberlain / Elite Telephone Entry System with 250 Memory Card Model ICON26HT250. Brand new never used. $1200 (1) LiftMaster (Chamberlain) Sentex Infinity L (HF) Telephone Entry System Model SNILF500ACMS: Capacity: 500 Cards and Codes: 3000 (with names) or 16,000 (without names). Brand New never used. $1200 (2) APC 4000 watt 208VAC Smart-UPS systems with 115VAC transformers. Rack mounted. Used. One of them needs the battery pack replaced (which can be bought for about $270). I'll sell the good one for $800 and the one that needs batteries for $500. These things are HEAVY so would require quite a bit of $ for shipping. I'd actually be willing to deliver them within a couple of hundred miles radius of Asheville for free. (Charlotte, Atlanta, Knoxville) PM me if interested. Thanks.
  5. Another advantage to fiber optic over that long distance is that it is immune to induced surges like a wire would be.
  6. Well, personally I wouldn't use staples to secure wire. If I absolutely had to, I'd use a staple gun like an Arrow Fastener model T25, that is designed for stapling down wires. Is your siamese cable Co-ax or UTP? If coax, crimping it with a staple will change the electrical properties of the cable. How much it changes depends on how many staples you used to secure it.
  7. One option would be to use fiber optic for the run, and converters on each end to your network devices.
  8. So, the description is false when it says "Video Balun Connector". You have to consider the source though. Sorry.
  9. THEY ARE NOT BALUNS It says they are baluns in the link. Unless the translation is incorrect.
  10. Those *are* baluns in the original post's link. Don't know why the first responder would have said that they were not. Just make sure that you keep the polarity matched on each end when you wire them up. Positive to positive and negative to negative.
  11. RVT

    CCTV long cable distance problem

    RG-59 is rated up to 750 feet, which is 230 meters. Since you are going 300 to 500 meters, you are way over. You could use RG6 / 11, but I would probably use UTP and *active* baluns.
  12. RVT

    Advice needed

    The one we got had a pot inside to vary the time period. Different model.
  13. RVT

    Advice needed

    Lots of "request to exit" pushbuttons have a circuit built into them that will allow you to vary the amount of time their relay output is energized. I installed one similar to this on our office door to disengage a maglock for about 10 seconds. http://www.securitron.com/en/site/securitron/Products/Push-Buttons/EEB-Emergency-Exit-Buttons/
  14. RVT


    Polarity correct on your converters?
  15. Something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Motion-Activated-Adapter-Hidden-Self-Recording/dp/B004SYNM7M is only going to record when there is motion. Since it is powered by the AC outlet it is plugged into you don't have to worry about the 2 week time limit. If you don't have an outlet that's pointing the right way to give you the view you want, you can always use an extension cord to position it, as long as it doesn't look obvious. Now, I don't know about what kind of software you'd have to load to read the SD card, or if it would work on your PC. You'll need to check on that. You would also need an SD reader to plug into the PC.