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  1. I did not know OwlTech sold to end users. We use they in "cost effective" installations. The warranty is only one year. You get what you pay for. So far, no issues. We have installed about 16 cameras, all 4 camera installations for home use. I would not install these in a commercial setting. Tech support is good.
  2. SeattleBrian, If no personnel should be on site and you see someone, then its a verified alarm. Like thewireguys said, the police will respond. You can't do two way audio with videofied, but you can trigger a recording once motion is detected. There is a way to self monitor a videofied system, but you still need a dealer. If you need more info send me a private message. I do not have experience with Dahua, but your setup for self monitoring should work. You need to make sure the camera or DVR have at least trip wire settings. If you set the alarm to just motion detection you will get a lot of false alarms. Another option will be hardware with analytics. There are a few out there.
  3. eeproject1

    UPGRADING 7 year old system

    From experience, a PTZ camera in a tour rarely record something you want to see. A better solution would be 3 stationary cameras to replace a PTZ. Unless the PTZ will be manned.
  4. Other options that I have used on construction sites. 1. Videofied. 2. Mobotix Cameras with two way communication. Low powered no need for NVR since the camera stores video on the edge and the software is free.
  5. eeproject1

    what NVR do to i need

    Order a Hikvision DVR with built in POE.
  6. The only cameras (in this case sensors) that I know will not require cables and are battery operated are videofied camera sensors. These are used for alarm verification or perimeter protection. Maybe not what you are looking for, but they require no wires. You need a dealer to make these work, I could help you with that.
  7. Make sure the cameras you are buying are compatible they need to be 960H I've seen it called 1000TVL. Even if the camera has a higher resolution format the dvr will only record at D1.
  8. eeproject1

    Wireless project, need help choosing equipment.

    Have you looked in to ubiquity antennas? They need to be line of sight, but they will solve your problem.
  9. Another option if you have a POE switch is to use a Tycon POE Splitter. The have models that are af and at compliant.
  10. eeproject1

    IR Illuminator

    You can get some ideas from this review http://www.networkcameracritic.com/?p=2434
  11. eeproject1

    AXIS camera with 2-way audio

    If two way audio is a major requirement. I would recommend a Mobotix D15 or Q25. They have two way audio out of the box. They have onboard analytics,a motion sensor and on board recording. You will save money on the VMS since it is free. The video can be stored in the camera and to a NAS as a backup. The app allows you to log into the camera and do two way audio. Similar pricing to the axis camera you listed and you won't have to spend money for the speaker/mic. In the future, maybe in a year or two. Mobotix said they will be able to record any camera on their vms for free. Not holding my breath since their software cycle is long.
  12. eeproject1

    System for Remote Monitoring 500+ Cameras

    I have never asked how much Sureview or any other video monitoring software costs. I am thinking they charge you an initial setup, a per channel charge, a per module charge and a yearly upgrade charge. In the long run this would pay for itself. For hardware (server) requirements always talk to the software vendor. They will give you guidelines and will recommend hardware that they have tested. For monitors and control room setup I would talk to Winsted. They will recommend setup and hardware needed for your specifications. I would recommend for you to attend industry conferences like ISC, ASIS and others. You will meet vendors and find out about products that you might need in the future.
  13. eeproject1

    System for Remote Monitoring 500+ Cameras

    Hikvision makes great products at affordable prices. With their SmartIP camera line, you can use analytics from AgenVI. The only problem is that you still need a VMS to take care of the notification(this is what I was told at ISC West 2015). Using just Hikvision cameras alone might trigger a lot of false alarms. It seems you are doing your own monitoring, but even that can get expensive by having personnel to monitor 24/7. You will definitely need analytics to cut down on false alarms. From your list it seems you are just doing talk down and not two way audio(you did not list a mic). You might want to add that in the future. Look into other cameras like Mobotix, avigilon, UDP Technology and many others with onboard analytics. There are few choices for Video Central Station Monitoring. The main one I have seen Central Statations using is Sureview. They can monitor different vendors and are well know in video monitoring.
  14. eeproject1

    Night time IR issue after rain

    Those are spiderwebs. The best solution is to have a separate IR illuminator close to the camera. You will then disable the IR in your camera.