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  1. showlights

    Gosting on LCD and bad Cam Image

    it has a amp on Mon3 and its still poor.. the other thing is on Mon1 the picture is not good the detail is not good on the cams even if i only put 1 LCD to the vga output on the DVR and... by the way Mon1 does not seam to be gosting can anyone tell me where I may get a better amp/splitter?? Thanks all
  2. i have installed a cctv system from cctvfactory.com 7- uchq1d cam 550lr with a cmclvd2x3514 vari-focal lens 3- LCD mon 1 is 10 ft ,1 is 30 ,1 is 75 away from the dvr(w/spliter)ACER brand monS 1 -DVR 6220TN W/ cdrw/ vga output to mons Prob. the picture is very poor on all 3 mons 2 of them are gosting so bad they turned them off all cable are pre made BNC and power Mon 2 is wired with cat6 cable any HELP!!!! would keep me from pulling out my hair!!!!!!