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Gosting on LCD and bad Cam Image

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i have installed a cctv system from cctvfactory.com

7- uchq1d cam 550lr with a cmclvd2x3514 vari-focal lens

3- LCD mon 1 is 10 ft ,1 is 30 ,1 is 75 away from the dvr(w/spliter)ACER brand monS

1 -DVR 6220TN W/ cdrw/ vga output to mons

Prob. the picture is very poor on all 3 mons 2 of them are gosting

so bad they turned them off

all cable are pre made BNC and power

Mon 2 is wired with cat6 cable

any HELP!!!! would keep me from pulling out my hair!!!!!!

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sounds like you are splitting that monitor cable and not using a amplified splitter. they are cheap............and are best for that situation.

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it has a amp on Mon3 and its still poor.. the other thing is on Mon1 the picture is not good the detail is not good on the cams even if i only put 1 LCD to the vga output on the DVR and... by the way Mon1 does not seam to be gosting

can anyone tell me where I may get a better amp/splitter??

Thanks all

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If ghosting is not on all monitors then it is likely that you have weakenbed the signal, also you need to check to see if the monitors have termination built in, and are you looping from one monitor to the next or do you have a distribuiton amplifier that has one input and several outputs (recommended) take care that you did not buy a video distributor instead of an amped video distributor, you need to rebalance your signal back to 75 ohms, try taking out the connectors and running to longest monitor, not connected to anything else and no T pieces, Daisy chaining is probably what caused you issue at a guess!

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