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  1. I upgraded a dvr from 8.2 to (Only disc I had) slow net here so not downloading every version and waiting half a day so just use latest disc I have I removed old main system program I upgraded xp to sp3, I upgraded direct x, I upgraded firmware on card installed new version and then rebuilt database, when I click on view log, it makes an hour glass then just resumes recording when I got to HDD and click on raw footage, it plays then error from media player? I upgraded media player, but think it didn't got to 11? any ideas
  2. Ok search this file and replace or better still get 8.5.4 best to have latest version, as sometimes files missing on discs
  3. So this is the first 8.5 I have installed, it was working fine, but now customer has advised there is no video on playback, I have checked raw files, and it is recording (played with windows media player fine), system flashes orange in description on motion, but in playback window images are black? Code i5 4 gb ram 64bit 2 tb hdd win7 home ultimate geovision 8.5
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    go to ezcctv.com and sign up for access all available there
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    Anyone dealt / dealing with these guys I have contacted them twice now, NO REPLY????
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    Thanks for the response It's not the first time I've contacted them direct Didn't know they only go through distributors, Can some or one of the disty's here send me some info / pricing, ive used heaps of the cameras, they aren't too shabby, but looking to bypass the local disty who is just a reseller obviously, nothing against him either, i'd just prefer to direct import thanks in advance.
  7. I will uninstall and reinstall on MONDAY thnx heaps "__
  8. easiest to setup and does multiple cameras/dvr I have geovision dvr's and Vivotek cameras setup in full version (16cams)
  9. mcs

    Geovision 'Video lost' messages v7.05

    I agree 5-6 yrs working fine, your getting your moneys worth, upgrading to v8 will just give you more features if it was working fine previously )
  10. because the linux systems are dearer, and so they use 100 fps cards (16ch) over 400 fps cards like I do... I would prefer highest quality / longer recording with a stable OS than dearer hardware compression cards with lower framerate / less functionality.
  11. Would you prefer frames per second recording, over linux OS even though you have used geovision since 2003 and have systems still running from that day...... Are features more important than a simple OS. Are features and recording quality more important than user operation 2 steps compared to 3 to view footage>???
  12. Have recently come across issues (blue screen, memory dumping,crashing, rebooting) with 3 systems we have built, gv600 and 800, h61 and h67 mb's, have found out 4 weeks later that they are not supported, told to use the pcie cards, supplier here has none, and I am really annoyed, (they should have been aware) and not selling OLD stock......... anyways the result is to get pcie cards, so we have an order going in to rectify this issue, hope it saves others from the same drama's and wasted time.
  13. Anyone used these, or tested these and have any feedback, Pro's and Con's
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    I have just upgraded a GV1120 system to 2008, and 8.4 S/W Can't get the system to the see the I/O card (it's not the USB version but the rs485 one with Silver box), does anyone know where the driver is located, thanks in advance
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    considering All I did was update the geovision card and SW, nothing should have changed, but yes I checked the hware mgr for conflicts / to also see if the device was installed and working (comm port)
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    Yep devices are installed / remb it was an upgrade not a format so comms ports shouldn't have changed config...
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    they want me to go to site which is 3 hrs driv return and take photo's of the I/O devices / setup I have given SN's for both rs485 card and I/O board, surely they can be tracked @ Geovision... I know they are old version modules, but I have purchased a GV2008 card and Geo ip cam, so expect some support with the upgrade. Everyone or anyone that knew about the product @ my distributor here in AUS was away or not around. Frustrated.
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    Damn, it's hard to get decent support from Geovision, I still do not have a suitable fix for this since the Upgrade (two weeks of back and throw emails to them) The error “Can not find new GV-IO Module: Address 1, in COM 1” issue comes up when the I/O trys to start. Geovison’s white paper said to unplug the inputs and re-plug them one at a time and format the address. http://www.geovision.com.tw/english/6_0_news.asp?stable=FAQ&sfiled=fsid&stable1=FAQG&sfiled1=fid&pno1=10&title=FAQ&gname=FAQ&pno=66 it seems the I/O's are working now, but the error still comes up I am seriously thinking of going away from geovision once again, I am over this lack of suitable support for this product...
  19. if u have ur u/name and p/word for your router, I could use Teamviewer for a temp one off remote connection to set this up for you if you are still having issues. PM me
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    Waiting for Geovision support is like waiting for a tooth to get pulled... Do any of the experts here know where the drier is located? Or does no one wish to answer and help a friend... tia
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    IP cam integration

    Just wondering if there's a tut, or anyone can provide advice on intergrating IP camera's into Geo, have a client with a system, that a megapixel camera would better suffice his needs, already has 8 cams, system is a gv1120 v1 running 8.2, cheers in advance
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    IP cam integration

    You're quiet right, very misleading, I was let down by the quality for sure,
  23. up for grabs 1 x D24 with L22 lense (4mm) $750 http://www.mobotix.com/other/Products/Cameras/MonoDome-D24 2 x Q24 (hemespheric) lenses included (360 degree view) $920 ea http://www.mobotix.com/other/Products/Cameras/Hemispheric-Q24 1 x D12 B/W lense (N22) $100 think I have an D12 lense (L43) also (colour) $100 all basic models, all new, just been used for demo, no longer required. these are cash prices, pm to discuss payment options. No need for NAS - NVR or DVR record to onboard memory card, remote view your home or business easily via web browser cheap easy home or small business cameras I can arrange shipping local or international to any country. Also discount available for whole lot in one bundle,
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    Mobotix - ex demo units for sale

    @ $0.987 it don't make much dif right now if u want to pay for shipping.
  25. mcs

    Custom GUI 8.3xx

    I was wondering if anyone has succesfully edited the gui in the latest versions, seems the images are not editable???