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  1. Thank you for your answer. My customer wants a real joystick (and not using mouse on software), so option 1 is not possible. Option 2 is what I would do, but customer doesn't want NVR and Joystick together...that's an issue. Other option ?
  2. Hello everybody, I have a special request from a customer, and I'm a bit lost. My customer wants to have his cameras and NVR in datacenter, which is pretty simple...but...he also wants to control everything with a PTZ joystick from his home ! So he wants the joystick being able to control the cameras (through the NVR) over internet...I don't know if it's possible. Does someone have a solution for this ? Or is it just not possible ? Thanks for your help.
  3. Hello, DS-7108N-SN/P is about $100 less than DS-7608N-SN/P. Does anybody know why there is such a difference ? Less features (which ones) ? The main downside (for me) is that there is no english version sold right now (I'm not that good in english, so I let you imagine what it would be with chinese version ) @iTuneDVR : did you wrote an english firmware for DS-7108N-SN/P ? Is it possible to share it ?
  4. Can't you record small videos ? For example I record 24hours per day, with video time set at 10min. So I have 144 videos per day, each one less than 200MB.
  5. As we are talking about motion detection I have a (simple) question: In camera configuration we set areas for motion detection. Like everybody, I have lots of false positives (by false positive I mean alarms triggered because of bugs/shadows...). I think a simple solution would be setting several areas and trigger alarms if motion is detected in several areas in the same time. For example, I set an area which is about 6ft high from the ground, and an other area which points to the ground. If something triggers one area only, no alert (it could be a cat or a butterfly...), but if it triggers two areas at a time then I want an alert (probably a human). So are there cameras capable of this ? I think that's not really hard to code and it can lower false positives... Does it make sense to you ?
  6. FYI, the answer from my supplier is I just need to connect cables together (camera to siren) and it will work. (camera provides power to siren). So I will try it and tell you if it's OK. @milkisbad: Thank you, but I'd like to stay with only one brand. But if I don't find what I want from Hikvision, I will try your cam ($1400...it hurts )
  7. @buellwinkle Thank you for these precisions. Well it's only for testing purposes so I will deal with it. My fault I'm a newbie, so I've been tricked, it won't happen again I swear (...I mean, I hope ) I'd like to stay with Hikvision cameras, don't you know one good PTZ camera from this brand ? And thank you atcsam, it's hard for me to understand your informations, I think I will take a coffee and read it again, slowly (electronic + english, will give me a headache ).
  8. I think I will give a try on mine (I got a 7608), because it's quite strange and that could be a (really bad) bug...
  9. Hello and thank you for your help. Finally I got it working using DS CAM (application to connect to surveillance station, my Synology NAS). Hikvision DDNS is bad because it tries to do everything alone, I mean you can't specify ports (only http port) and I think that when it reaches the camera, it finds other ports in camera configuration but it never takes in consideration the fact that there can be NAT (basically, to reach my camera on 8000 port you have to reach my router on 11800 port, and hikvision DDNS won't find it so it can't work). It would have been better if hikvision DDNS simply asked for all ports on their website I think...
  10. Thank you for this great link. So basically, the relay is a power supply (with good voltage/current...of the siren I guess, it won't power my camera so doesn't need to be compliant right ?). Connections are (tell me if I'm wrong): relay ground goes to siren - relay + goes to camera alarmout_gnd alarm_out goes to siren + Right ?
  11. Many answers, thank you all ! @milkisbad : Maybe i've been fooled by e-PTZ term... What I don't get is, if it's not PTZ, what is the following specification for : Angle adjustment (2-Axis): Pan: 0° ~ 355°, tilt: 0° ~ 80°, rotation: 0° ~ 355° And what's the role of RS-485 port if not for PTZ ? What I see in documentation is : In section 10.6 RS-485 Settings : Why would my camera have such port if the camera doesn't support PTZ ? @buellwinkle : Thank you for the beautiful diagram So I need to buy a relay...Since I don't know what it is, (and if I translate to french I'm not sure the word is the same we use here) can you send me a link of sample relay (so I'll be able to look for one in my country). Thanks again. @dexterash : I don't have a multimeter at home, maybe I need to buy one...
  12. Thank you, but electronic stuff is chinese for me I'd like to be sure that my camera doesn't deliver power to my siren alarm before trying to become Mc Gyver
  13. Hello, First of all, thank you for these answers ! I bought a small siren alarm for my tests, I only have 2 cables on it (cable + and cable -). I thought that I just needed to connect these cables to my camera to make it work, but you think I need power separately ? Won't it be provided by the camera itself ? I don't trigger siren alarm on motion detection, but if I get an email showing there is a real problem, I'll be able to reach my camera and trigger siren manually (that's my purpose). No ideas about my PTZ camera ?
  14. UP, no one working with these cameras ?
  15. Hello all, I ordered last week several hikvision cameras (I want to try several models to see what's good/wrong with each model). I received everything (thanks god and DHL ^^). I have a DS-2CD7253F-EIZ which have PTZ. I plugged my camera to my NVR (DS-7608NI-SE/P) but I can only focus or zoom, when I try to use PTZ control (moving left/right/up/down) nothing happens. So I started to understand why, and if I'm not wrong (documentation is not good) I think I have to put a cable between my camera (RS-485 port) and my NVR (RS-485 port too), am I right ??? (I don't have such cable here so I can't test it now) Am I missing something else ? (Hope camera is not broken ) I have a DS-2CD2732F-IS which have alarm output. I want to plug this camera to a siren alarm (I have small one), but this camera has too many cables : LIN/MIC- RIN/MIC+ MIC_GND ALARMIN_GND ALARMOUT_GND ALARM_IN ALARM_OUT LINE_GND LINE_OUT_L LINE_OUT_R Which ones do I need to plug to my siren alarm (2 cables in my siren alarm a black one - and a red one +) ? Does someone know what are the other cables used for ? Thanks for your help !!!