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  1. How does the ONVIF standard hadle this? I would imagine if you can de-warp the video before sending to the NVR it would be more useful as a lot of NVRs probably can not do this.
  2. That switch only has 60W of power, so you might have problems running 8 cameras.
  3. Has anyone tried the newer version? Axxon Next.
  4. are you sure it is recording correctly?
  5. By custom firmware, do you mean you can add features to the current interface, or are you actually running a totally different code base? Kinda like running DDWRT or Tomato on your linksys router? If its the later, I'm curious what linux packages you are using for the video, servers, motion detection, etc. Is there anything stopping you from publishing these firmwares?
  6. pcmcg

    Violating building code?

    No, i'm not a professional, however my friend works at the county in permitting dept. The property owner is the one on the hook with the county, even if they get scammed by a tradesman. There is usually a fine that has the be paid, depending on the infraction. Business are more likely to get caught not having proper permits and/or unpermitted work. For residential, someone has to report you, but that is usually done by a "nice" neighbour or renter. Every area has different codes, but they usually follow some national/international standard body. Doing low-voltage wiring as a home owner you're not really going to have any issues with that, however I think pro's might be held to higher standard. Again, I don't know where the limit is for what type of work would require a permit or not. Thats all i know really, and probably got some of it wrong anyway.
  7. pcmcg

    Violating building code?

    Yes ... what is the point of a building code if you don't "have" to follow it.
  8. Has anyone setup iVMS recording schedule to continuous while also retaining camera motion events? I can see my motion alarms activate in the software, but searching for motion events returns no results. I only get results when I search for 'time' events. Is this a software limitation, or am I missing some setting? For those of you running iVMS, how do you define your recording schedules? All ways on, motion events, or mixture?
  9. Its on Hikvision site under: Support -> Downloads -> Tools
  10. Actually, the live preview works in Firefox on Linux. However, you are correct that to modify any of the image configuration settings requires the hikvision browser plugin (and that does not run in Linux).
  11. If you are not testing from ouside your home network, it is not a valid test. If it works on your mobile, then the port is obviously working.
  12. If your looking for a package deal, I would go for an NVR with IP cams. Costco has a good selection, or online there is securitycameraking, nellys, wrightwood, etc ..
  13. I have email snapshot working on my 5.1 firmware, not sure if that is the same thing. Either way, make sure under the motion detection, you have the event trigger linked. There is a group of check boxes with different events to link to the motion.
  14. That doesn't make sense. POE is 48VDC and supports runs to 330ft.
  15. sorry, i don't get the sarcasm ?