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  1. How does the ONVIF standard hadle this? I would imagine if you can de-warp the video before sending to the NVR it would be more useful as a lot of NVRs probably can not do this.
  2. That switch only has 60W of power, so you might have problems running 8 cameras.
  3. Has anyone tried the newer version? Axxon Next.
  4. are you sure it is recording correctly?
  5. By custom firmware, do you mean you can add features to the current interface, or are you actually running a totally different code base? Kinda like running DDWRT or Tomato on your linksys router? If its the later, I'm curious what linux packages you are using for the video, servers, motion detection, etc. Is there anything stopping you from publishing these firmwares?
  6. pcmcg

    Violating building code?

    No, i'm not a professional, however my friend works at the county in permitting dept. The property owner is the one on the hook with the county, even if they get scammed by a tradesman. There is usually a fine that has the be paid, depending on the infraction. Business are more likely to get caught not having proper permits and/or unpermitted work. For residential, someone has to report you, but that is usually done by a "nice" neighbour or renter. Every area has different codes, but they usually follow some national/international standard body. Doing low-voltage wiring as a home owner you're not really going to have any issues with that, however I think pro's might be held to higher standard. Again, I don't know where the limit is for what type of work would require a permit or not. Thats all i know really, and probably got some of it wrong anyway.
  7. pcmcg

    Violating building code?

    Yes ... what is the point of a building code if you don't "have" to follow it.
  8. Has anyone setup iVMS recording schedule to continuous while also retaining camera motion events? I can see my motion alarms activate in the software, but searching for motion events returns no results. I only get results when I search for 'time' events. Is this a software limitation, or am I missing some setting? For those of you running iVMS, how do you define your recording schedules? All ways on, motion events, or mixture?
  9. Its on Hikvision site under: Support -> Downloads -> Tools
  10. Actually, the live preview works in Firefox on Linux. However, you are correct that to modify any of the image configuration settings requires the hikvision browser plugin (and that does not run in Linux).
  11. If you are not testing from ouside your home network, it is not a valid test. If it works on your mobile, then the port is obviously working.
  12. If your looking for a package deal, I would go for an NVR with IP cams. Costco has a good selection, or online there is securitycameraking, nellys, wrightwood, etc ..
  13. I have email snapshot working on my 5.1 firmware, not sure if that is the same thing. Either way, make sure under the motion detection, you have the event trigger linked. There is a group of check boxes with different events to link to the motion.
  14. That doesn't make sense. POE is 48VDC and supports runs to 330ft.
  15. sorry, i don't get the sarcasm ?
  16. FYI, You'll probalby get better help posting this on a networking forum.
  17. It's good, but that doesn’t' mean you will like it. Don't you have a spare hard drive you could borrow to test out a 64bit install on? Another option maybe to create a 64bit VM?
  18. That I know of, only Exacq Vision supports linux OS.
  19. Yes, I think its clear that the free version of XProtoect Go comes with no warranty and no/limited support. They already removed the email feature from the free version without notice. The pricing is in line with others, but buying the initial config will probably turn off most small business, or basic home users. With cameras around $100 to $150, asking for $50/camera for software is crazy. If they priced $25/cam that would be fair for home users I think, and not eat into other sales. One upside is their SUP (service upgrade plan) model. Right now its $20/cam and that gets you 3 years of upgrades. My understanding is you can purchase any time. So after you buy in, you can get any upgrades for basically $6.66/cam/year. If you go without upgrades for a year, you can stretch that to 4 years for each SUP purchase, or $5/cam/year. If I understand correctly, that is also a fair deal.
  20. Looking at Milestone Xprotect Go suite. Got a couple of recording setup questions when using a builtin camera motion events? 1) If you set recording mode to 'always on', will it still mark the motion events? I'm really interested in having 24/7 recording but have all the motion events bookmarked. Exacqvision did this by default, what about XProtect? 2) Can you change the recording speed for motion and non-motion. For example record 5 fps always, and then 30fps on motion event? Again, I've seen other software do this. Been reading a lot of positive reviews and I feel that Milestone has the best setup and UI so far. I'm hoping I get get it to work. Maybe I need to use the paid version for some of these features? Thanks.
  21. I was able to stumble on the solution to this as well. 1) In your camera admin, make sure motion events are on, and you have motion area defined. 2) In milestone management app, set the camera recording to always on. 3) Next, go to Events and Outputs -> Hardware Input Events, then double click to open dialog. Open the hardware device, you should see something like "camera motion start" and "camera motion stop". Enable both of these events, and now Milestone will mark when motion starts and stops during the recording.
  22. Found out this can be done. The feature is called "speedup", but it's not part of XprotectGo series. You need the paid Essentials version for this.
  23. I was trying out ExacqVision lastnight and noticed it was missing a navigation feature during replay. I was hoping there was a way to jump forward to the start of each motion event? Does anyone know how to do that?
  24. It's pretty simple to create a low-amp electronic DC swtich with a few parts and a soldering iron. I can point you in the right direction if you're intereted. High-amp stuff you can go with a mechanical relay.
  25. Any updates on this topic 3 years later? I'm consdiering either one of these products for an 8 camera residential system. What is the ballpark pricing at this point?