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    New to the car community!

    Glad someone said it. Still, welcome... I guess.
  2. I come from a security system background as I installed them commercially for many years. I get them. You install door contacts, window contacts, motion detectors, glassbreak sensors, keypads, sirens, etc... When you leave the building, you arm it, when you get back, you disarm it. If you get a break in while you're gone, the alarm triggers and calls whoever is monitoring it, and they call the police. I now see that a box with a set of cameras, DVR/NVR, cables, etc... is being called a "security system." No door contacts, window contacts etc... I guess I get it, because now with being able to hook the DVR/NVR to the internet, when a camera sees motion, the system will basically call your phone, show you the activity, and you can decide to call the police or not. My old camera system wasn't able to hook up the internet so I'm not use to that, but I can see why its called a "security system" now. You can completely get rid of the monitoring center. Great idea and great technology. My old DVR took a dump on me and I don't have my new camera system yet. I've picked out what I want, (Lorex 4K NVR-LNR6100 and 6 LNB8005's) but I'm going out of town for a few days and it should be here when I get back, but I have a question about my new "security system" coming in a few days... How do I arm it? I have people coming and going all day long here. My wife works from home, I'm home all day long, we have people coming over all the time, my kids come and go. If I set the NVR to notify me every time it sees motion, I'll get notifications on my phone all day long. Is there a way to push a button to tell the system "Hey, we're going out for dinner and a movie, nobody should be coming in for the next 4 hours, notify me if someone does." And then turn that off when we get home? Maybe that's done through the app?
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    Hello all

    Welcome to the forum!
  5. What's your budget? I'm in the research phase of upgrading my camera system right now.
  6. Looking at this 8ch Lorex NVR with four 4K cameras from Costco for 599.00. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this system. Kind of debating between this one and a comparable Swann system... https://www.costco.com/Lorex-8-Channel-UHD-4K-Network-Video-Recorder-with-2TB-HDD-4-UHD-4K-Active-Deterrence-Bullet-Cameras-Security-System.product.100469040.html
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    This Lorex any good?

    And by looking at this pic, one could tell it is a digital NVR: Am I mistaken?
  8. scratch

    This Lorex any good?

    I thought you could tell if it was analog or digital just by looking at the back. Like just by looking at this picture, shouldn't one know that this is an analog DVR:
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    This Lorex any good?

    Thanks, I like your link much better anyways, but I would like to learn how to tell if the system is analog HD. I couldn't find the word "anolog" anywhere in the costco link. Did I miss it, or how can you tell? Also how can you tell if the NVR in my link was proprietary, but the one in your link isn't?
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    Swann 4k night vision EXTREMELY poor quality

    My mistake, for some reason I thought you got the NVR system. Looks like it wasn't a problem with Swann then...? How was their tech support to deal with?
  11. scratch

    Swann 4k night vision EXTREMELY poor quality

    Your suggestion is a DVR though... not an NVR. Are the Swann NVRs that bad? Is it possible the OP just got a bad unit? @Mr. Craig what did you end up doing? I was considering this same system.
  12. I worked as an installer at ADT for 15 years, but about 7 years ago, I was in an accident and am now disabled with a brain injury so I've been out of the loop for a while now, and don't know what is out there as far as good camera systems. I have an analog 4 camera system with a DVR right now but yesterday, the magic smoke in my DVR escaped, and after about 12 years, I think it's time to upgrade. I'm looking for suggestions. I have Cat5e running to each camera right now but my house is super easy to run cabling, so I'm not worried about having to run wires. I NEED to move at least 2 of the cameras anyways, and will probably move one more of them. I have lots of Cat5e cable still, as well as spools of RG6 and siamese. What I'd like is 3 indoor cameras, and for sure 1 outdoor camera. I really would like that exterior camera to be a PTZ camera (optical zoom) to mount on the peak of my house. I may want one more standard exterior camera also. I know 5 isn't the ideal setup for a camera system, but it is what it is... I might want a 5th camera. I want to be able to expand to 8. I don't think I'll ever need more than that. I have a DVR now and figured maybe I should probably upgrade to an NVR, but I don't know much about them. I don't get the best WIFI at my house and I'm not sure if that's going to cause problems with my family's other devices on the network. I had heard that the NVR only uses the WIFI when accessing it from mobile devices, not constantly, but not sure about that... I don't need this for security as much as I do convenience. I have the DVR and monitor in my man cave in the basement where I spend alot of time reloading, and working on small projects, and it's always nice to see who's in the driveway when the dogs start barking. My kids use it a lot for the occasional "Where did I put my purse yesterday?" situation. (We have found many misplaced household items using our camera system) I obviously want night vision, and to be able to view from my cell phone (which I've not been able to do with my old system so I'm kind of excited for that feature) I've heard names like Lorax, Swann, Riolink, Blink, Nest and am wondering if they are any good. I've seem some video reviews of the Swann stuff and they seem to meet all my requirements, plus I really like their SWPRO-1080PTZ with its 10X optical zoom, (I don't think it'll work with an NVR though...) but not sure if they just look nice in videos and are actually junk in real life. I'm not concerned about installation as I actually enjoy the challenge of running and hiding wires. I also do not want batteries to replace. My budget is 1000.00 with a nice PTZ camera, hoping to be around 500-700 without. So what I'm asking is: 1. Should I upgrade to an NVR or are DVR's still ok? 2. Do NVR's use WIFI constantly, causing problems with other devices? 3. What are your thoughts on the Swann equipment, or should I be looking at something else?
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    Suggestions on a new camera system

    Thanks, do you have any suggestions?
  14. scratch

    Suggestions on a new camera system

    Thanks for your input. I was looking at one of these Swann systems: 8 Channel 5MP Super HD NVR Security System https://www.swann.com/us/swnvk-875804 SWNVK-875804 $549 8 Channel 4K Ultra HD NVR Security System https://www.swann.com/us/swnvk-875804 SWNVK-885804 $649 With this PTZ camera (I was hoping for more zoom but the higher zoom model is analog) NHD-817 Pan-Tilt-Zoom Super HD Dome Camera https://www.swann.com/us/swnhd-817ptz SWNHD-817PTZ $299 It looks like even if I go with the 4K system and this PTZ camera, I'll still be at 949.00. Just below my budget. Does this seem like decent equipment? Also... correct me if I'm wrong here, but those two systems I posted above are the exact same NVR, just different cameras right? 4K or 5MP...?
  15. Actually... It doesn't need to be a zoom, just a higher powered lens. Backstory: I'm building a long range camera setup to use as a "spotting scope" for precision rife shooting. I already have the long range video TX/RX and it's working great. I'll be setting up the camera on a tripod near the target. Right now I'm using an older CCTV camera i have laying around. It works great and is clear enough for what I need it for, but it's too close to the target and I'm concerned about it getting shot. The way it is now, I need to have the target about 12" away from the target to fill the whole screen, I'd like to be able to move it back about 36-48" from the target and a little off to the side. To do that, I'm going to need a zoom lens. I'm familiar with rifle scopes, binoculars etc... Where they talk about 4x, 6x, 12x etc... But not lenses where they talk about 4mm, 8mm, 12mm etc. I'm assuming the higher the mm, the higher the zoom correct? This is one type of camera I have and a few different lenses that I have to choose from. Is it possible to buy just the teeny little lens that's about an inch long by 1/2" wide to screw into the housing that screws onto the camera? But in a higher power? I also have that one with the auto iris that is a telephoto lens (i assume since it says "T--------W" It screws onto my camera housing, but I assume the auto iris is closed since I can't see through the lens. Is it possible to apply 12VDC to it to open the lens so I can see if the higher power magnification will work? Any ideas?
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    Hi from Wisconsin!

    Hi everybody, I've been a security system installer for 14 years, but dealt mostly with security systems not cameras. I now have a camera project I'm working on, and am hoping for some help. I'll start another thread about it.