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  1. dyn6mite66

    help me get my cameras to my phone and get paid.

    Hello, Dont know if you have sorted this yet, 90% can be done remotely via Team viewer, there is an element that needs doing on site or possibly by yourself. The DVR needs a free internal static IP address which is given through the DVR. Team viewer is PC based and can be used to configure your router and find current IP range etc in CMD (ipconfig) Let me know if you need help.
  2. Hello, My name is Ben, I am a manager at a communications company, we install CCTV, we do not manufacture , we are engineers. We specialise in Geo Vision. I am on here to get advice, offer help and put a few used bits in classifieds. I have a number of Geo vision cards if you PM me. Hope i can help and get help in the future.