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  1. latropa

    ivms 4200 question

    Does anyone know what exactly the "VCA Rule" does? The hikvision manual is mostly worthless for this (and almost everything else) with just a generic description of "Click to enable/disable VCA rule". Thanks Hikvision documentation! I hate seeing the blue lines while viewing cameras in iVMS-4200 but I'm hesitant to disable VCA in case it is actually useful and unchecking it might break some other feature on my cameras.
  2. I could get RTSP to work in VLC but it always required me to manually type in my username/password. I had tried a bunch of combinations of adding my user and pass to the URL but could never find the right way to do it, but I finally found one that works tonight. rtsp://username:password@cam.ip.address:554//Streaming/Channels/1 I only have a couple cameras right now so I'll just set two different macros to quickly pull up whichever one I need in VLC.
  3. That might be what I need, whatever it is that has no name, but that post feels like spam so I won't be going through all your links to maybe find a download. Thanks anyway.
  4. That's what I'm using now. It takes forever to load up and start the stream on my HTPC (Q6600). I was hoping there was something out there like the IP Cam Viewer app on android just for Windows. It loads up with all my cameras showing in no more than 2 seconds.
  5. Specifically hikvision cameras. I have the software I need for recording motion and saving all that. No big problems with that. My hangup is getting software to show 4 or more cameras all at once as quickly as possible when the doorbell rings and I'm watching TV on my HTPC. I want to be able to hit a single button and see all my cameras on the TV within less than a few seconds. That's not how it works now though. I have to rely on a macro that takes 75 seconds or more to load. It's almost useless. I could get off the couch or out of bed and get dressed in that time to meat the solicitor in person in that amount time. Help me.
  6. I posted this on another forum and tried to post on the offical IP Cam Viewer forum but was denied registration. Here it is again, any help would be grealty appreciated: [deleted] link to original post is here Oops... I just realized the other forum I posted this to was this one. My bad. Ignore this post. I tried to delete it but couldn't figure out how.
  7. The official Hikvision Android App still works just fine. I guess I need to wait to see if the author of IP Cam Viewer updates it to support the new firmware for these cameras. I do have USA region Hikvision cameras though.
  8. My model number doesn't show in the IP Cam Viewer Android app but I've always (well, mostly) been able to get it to work by using the listed DS-2CD8153F-E for the main stream and DS-2CD2432-I would work for the low-resolution sub stream. All that stopped working after I upgraded my 2032 cameras to the 5.2.0 firmware. It now takes about 40 seconds of sitting on the "loading..." windows before the pictures will pop up. The cameras would load almost instantly before. This happened for both the main stream and the sub stream but I was able to get the sub stream to load quickly again by changing the setting in IP Came Viewer from DS-2CD2432-I to "Hikvision IP Camera (active-x)". Still no luck with the high-res main stream though and I've tried all the different hikvision model numbers in the app. Any idea how to fix this and what the hikvision firmware update might have done to cause it? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, that download button on the playback tab is where the timing snapshots end up too. I had looked in there with timing selected in the drop down box and no luck. I just tried it again though with the same details you had set (1000 millisecond interval and 5 as the capture number) and still no luck. The documentation for these cameras really is horrid.
  10. I'll probably just end up living with it because I've already went to all the work I want to running wires through the walls and getting in the attic and I doubt my cameras support PIR (Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I).
  11. I guess another thing that can't be easily fixed is picking up trees (or shadows of trees) that are moving on a slightly windy day? It makes finding relevant motion events fairly worthless when your playback timeline looks like this: And it's all just shadows of leaves blowing in the window.
  12. every 1 or 2 minutes because of thinks like this: They seem to be attracted to the little red lights. (Hikvision cameras, with the sensitivity as low as it will go which is 20%). Is the only solution to turn of the IR lights and keep something like a porch light on that's a ways away all night instead?
  13. Your s4 phone can connect at a max rate of 72.2 Mbps, which can give a real life data speed of about half that. How many cameras are you viewing at the same time, and what are their data rate set to? Which stream were you viewing, clear/balanced/fluent? And what are those data rate? My phone can connect much faster than that on my 5ghz wifi. The closer I am to the router the faster it is... but generally it's at around 170 when I'm upstairs where I mostly use my phone. I have two cameras running. They are both set at 1920x1080 with 30FPS and 4096 Max Bitrate. The substream is only 352x240 at 30fps with bitrate at 512. The app defaults to fluent (which I think uses the substream settings because it looks very low resolution) but it even skips every 2 or 3 seconds on the substream, just like when I select clear. That reminds me of another fluke of the app, when you first open it, it has the cameras set to fluent but as soon as you've switched it to clear you cannot switch back to fluent or any other of those options. I just get a message about device not supported. The only way to get back to fluent is to close the app and open it again.
  14. Well, I just hope they fix it in the next firmware because it's really ugly when it looks like this:
  15. I doubt it's the best and it's definitely not the most current software, but I use Avidemux when I want to capture a single frame or even edit a short clip of almost any video format. Don't know if it would help in your case. Avidemux can read most formats but not all.