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  1. Hello everyone, Could use your assistance, My client is running a Bosch DIVAR 2000 16 channel POE unit. We have been using up until like 3 days ago been using PSS software to connect and monitor their cameras for them. But now we cannot get connected to the site at all with the PSS software. So we tried using the Bosch Video Client software It logs into the DIVAR and see's the list of cameras available and I was able to create a view in the favourites designer. Unfortunately the cameras don't stay connected for very long, maximum 5 mins they black out and the connection to each cameras goes away temporarily then comes back, it's very hit and miss. We need a software package that can hook up to this DIVAR 2000, display the cameras in a 4x3 grid and stay connected. Anyone run into anything similar or have a fix or work around? I suspect that the hardware installers where there 3 days ago and when they replaced the alarm panel they updated the firmware on the DIVAR. I can't confirm that until tomorrow. I just want software I can hook up to this dang DIVAR that works. Thanks in advance for your help! Mrnark01
  2. Hi Everyone, I have a big installation job coming up where we going to be installing 25 + Axis P5415-E and M3026 on a rough surface, pls see attached jpeg. My thoughts are to use a think rubberised gasket with a custom metal bracket. The gasket to conform to the uneven surface and the metal bracket to provide flat surface for camera mount. For the screws I'm thinking maybe I can get away with tap cons but I might have to use lugs. thoughts? Mark
  3. Hi All, Could use your expertise in a problem I am having. Right now I am protecting a site between the hours of 5pm - 8am mon thru friday and 24hrs on weekends. I've had no problem in creating a schedule to have alarms for that period. My Problem is that the client has now decided to allow select workers onto the site on weekends and my alarms are continually going off driving people buggy in the monitoring centre. Being human I need time off sometime and I can't be coming in or remoting into the clients system to enable disable alarms. I need a solution to temporarily disable an alarm (think of like a button click or something) I have a perimeter defence of PTZ's and thermals, those are all fine. Its the interior cameras with video motion in the green houses and interior hallways and offices, that are firing off. I'm running Milestone Xprotect professional 2013 in a master slave relationship. The master has the alarms and all scheduling. I was thinking if I could somehow build an event to turn the alarms of and on. . . Any Suggestions? Mark Roberts