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  1. Being honest, I wasn't excepting it to be as good as it is from a 8mp sensor. Daytime quality I'm happy with for a £130 camera.
  2. I have a IPC-HFW4830E-S 8MP IR Mini Bullet Network Camera with a 4mm fixed lens and can capture plates a fair distance away day and night. Original 100% crop Night
  3. Looking on aliexpress and seen this http://www.aliexpress.com/item/20X-Zoom-1080P-2MP-ptz-ip-camera-wifi-wireless-speed-dome-auto-tracking-with-OSD-menu/32473217659.html looks pretty impressive for the money has anyone had any experiences with the Imporx Brand?
  4. Hi many thanks and I do not use IR at night and usually leave on day mode as lighting is very good in the street. Interesting about the resolution in screens surely if viewed on a 4k screen would be better than on a standard 720 screen where if the screen was large enough ( Mine is 55" ) you would get the chicken wire effect and see individual pixels if close enough.
  5. I have pretty good street lighting outside my property so I wouldn't think I would benefit the excellent EXIR sensors , I would be more concerned about what difference the image would be 3mp vs 4mp as I have a screen to support the resolution.
  6. NEW Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I 4 MP to replace 2032 3mp Anyone got this camera yet as I am wondering if it would be a worth while upgrade from my older but trustworthy 2032's 3mp http://www.aliexpress.com/item/free-shipping-with-DHL-shipping-hikvision-english-version-DS-2CD2042WD-I-4MP-IR-Bullet-Network-Camera/32372900699.html
  7. Hi and sorry forgot this thread was open and now sorted.
  8. New Updated IVMS-4500 HD MOBILE SOFTWARE downloaded via play store and installed and it now scans your serial number of the camera , I did this from the box but comes up saying invalid number is this because it is a chinese camera?
  9. You are using your outside connection ( WAN IP Address ) not your internal Ip ? You should be able to see what your outside connection is through the web interface go to advanced configuration and Network look under tab NAT.
  10. Can you not change it in the software in the camera 50 or 60hz? you can on mine.